Give your Word documents a more serious look with drop caps

In fact, this program, which is part of the popular Office office suite, offers us a multitude of functions for all of this. They will be of great help to us when it comes to giving our document a more appropriate and correct appearance, depending on what we are going to use it for. For all this we have multiple functionalities such as the font, document margins, colors, paragraph typeslined up, formatsand much more.

And it is that, as probably many of you already know, it is not the same to edit a text document for an institute project, than to present it to the boss at work, or to a client. All this requires certain standards of appearance that we should try to maintain and respect. Next, we are going to talk about an element that on many occasions goes unnoticed but that, if we use it, our work can win integers. Specifically, we refer to the capital letter that Word allows us to implement.

In fact, the application allows us to integrate this element in various ways, as we will show you below. The first thing we should know is that this capital letter is generally used in the first letter of a paragraph, page or section. This element was widely used in ancient books, although it is still used today. Sometimes and in certain types of documents, this capital letter gives our project a more stately or serious aspect.

Add and customize a drop cap to your Word document

It is precisely for all this that the Microsoft text editor It offers us several customization options for the use of this particular element. This is something that we are going to show you in these lines so that you can use it in a capital letter whenever you need it. If necessary, the first thing we do is select the character on which we want to apply this effect, which generally will start a paragraph or a page. Next, we go to the Insert menu option and take a look at the section Textwhere we find the button we are looking for.

capital word

A priori here we are going to find two ways of using this element, the capital letter. It is clear that it will be effective with the letter that we have marked at that moment, so at first we only have to choose whether it will be integrated into the text itself, or added to the margin of it. the use of a Format or another will depend on our tastes or needs for the document we are working on. But at the same time we have other configurable options for this element that we are talking about.

If we click on the section called drop cap options, we find a new window that allows us to configure other parameters of this object. Additionally, we can select its font, as well as the number of lines it will occupy or the distance that will separate it from the text itself. All this will allow us to adapt this capital letter to the page where we integrate it, in a totally personalized way.

capital word options

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