GlobalLogic, of the Japanese multinational Hitachi, lands in Valencia

The Volkswagen gigafactory, the logistics-industrial real estate developer Panattoni, the new Kio Networks data center in Spain, a new United Nations computer center, 20% of all new technology startups in Spain… Valencia is in fashion.

More and more companies are choosing the Turia capital as the nerve center of their operations. The reasons? its well-known good quality of life, the leading Spanish port for goods, its strategic position in the Mediterranean and a cheaper standard of living than other cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Advanced chip-to-cloud software products

Valencia adds and continues: GlobalLogic, from the Japanese multinational Hitachi, He has also chosen Valencia to land in Spain. The company, with based in Silicon Valleyis specialized in advanced chip-to-cloud software products.

At the moment, no more information has been given about in which part of the province it will be located or the number of professionals that will be hired, although, they assure, the hiring of local engineers will prevail. The company, he assures, will also give the possibility to “existing employees in other countries the option of working from Spain if they so wish”.

Arya Barirani, CMO of GlobalLogic, has highlighted that in all probability Valencia It will house the largest development center owned by the company in Spain. A key country in its strategy in Europe, while they hope to expand to other cities in the country.

It should be noted that the company had a primary location in Ukraine but due to the Russian invasion it is looking for safer locations, “we are still operating our centers in Ukraine in the safest and most unaffected regions, but the war created a new sense of urgency around our expansion (…) we did not open in Spain simply as a relocation center for Ukrainian employees, we plan to engage local talent in Spain and build a vibrant technology community of GlobalLogic employees.”

The company’s client portfolio includes companies in the communications, financial services, automotive, health and life sciences, technology, media and entertainment, and manufacturing sectors. Specialized in developing technological engineering and solutions for industrial sectorsthe company has a total of 30 engineering centers and 8 design studios in 15 countries, in addition to a workforce of more than 26,000 employees.

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