GlobalSuite Solutions consolidates its position in GRC with more than 2,000 clients and 150 projects in 2022

Despite the complex economic situations that have been affecting all companies, and especially those dedicated to offering technological services, Global Suite Solutions has closed last year registering one of the best figures in its history.

Specialized in offering solutions Governance, Risk and Regulatory Compliance (GRC)has managed to execute more than 150 projects in 2022increasing its billing by a 34% compared to 2021and by 57% if we compare it with data from 2020. Its total number of clients worldwide rose to 2,000, increasing the average billing per user by 31%.

He success of GlobalSuite Solutions It comes from companies such as WTW, Telefónica, Bankinter, Naturgy or Renfe, which trust their services. The software provided by the company allows obtaining corporate governance (combination of policies and actions established by management to achieve the goals set).

It also includes risk analysis and management (of an operational, financial, strategic, technological and legal nature. All these risks are controlled with compensatory measures) and regulatory and legal compliance (controlling mandatory legislation such as the GDPR, the PIC Law, PSD2 banking regulations and other regulations, as well as voluntary standards and regulations that affect the entity).

Its international expansion

GlobalSuite Solutions has managed to consolidate itself in the latin american market, achieving that firms of the stature of Caja los Andes, Banco Guayaquil, COPEC or the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago are among its potential clients. If you can get them to take their mind off GRC strategy, they can focus on the epicenter of their business.

Apart from LATAM, GlobalSuite Solutions has managed to conquer the market in the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), developing a strategy of iron alliances in the area of ​​northern and eastern Europe. Thus, the company manages to increase its presence in the old continent, and specifically, in countries like the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This situation leads him to establish collaborations with the Big Fours Deloitte and KPMGin its desire to expand in the central area of ​​Europe, as well as other new partners such as IR Audit, AEC and Compliance Team.

But GlobalSuite Solutions has also managed to reach the African continent and be present in said market for the first time through the company Providence Solutionswhich has an important portfolio of clients throughout the continent.

The projection of the company

Given the incipient demand for GRC solutions, the consultancy Grand View Research has prepared a report detailing that this type of service will continue to increase, in terms of demand, in the short-medium term. Thus, he claims that the worldwide market revenues amounted to almost 41,000 million dollars during 2021.

The forecasts are clear, since it is estimated that GRC solutions, and therefore will positively affect GlobalSuite Solutions, will increase by a 14% approximately. Similarly, Fortune Business Insights considers that the growth of the market will also be around 14% and that it will reach an economic amount of more of 75,000 million in 2028.

The keys to the implementation of a GRC

Any company that wants to opt for a solution of this type must previously analyze their situation and measure their level of maturity. Subsequently, you must plan and define the scope of the project, once you know the level you seek to achieve. will be essential know in advance the compliance regulations to be taken into account and the team responsible for the centralized management of the system.

After defining the degree of scope, and this is something carried out by GlobalSuite Solutions, it will be essential establish the general GRC framework to be implemented. Next will come the monitoring and continuous improvement of the model, allowing the evaluation of the success of each of the actions carried out.

GRC solutions, based on a efficient softwareturns risk management into a competitive advantage that saves time and optimizes compliance processes, safeguarding the confidentiality of the information managed at all times.

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