Gmail: Google still uses AI to make suggestions based on your search history

Google will use your search history to make better suggestions in Gmail. If this feature is very practical, it only confirms that our emails have no secrets for the Mountain View firm.

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Google has announced that a new feature that will make life easier for Gmail users. The company claims that its app will now look at your search history to make suggestions about the recipients of your emails, or even the current conversation. She will deployed in the next two weeks.

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Gmail has been an email client open to the public for almost fifteen years. The base storage capacity offered by Gmail is 15GB, and if you’ve had an account for a long time, you know that no matter how hard you try, organizing your mailbox is a losing battle. Google wants to remedy this, and proposes to improve the search functionality to help you find your emails more easily.

Gmail will offer more contextually relevant results based on your search history

Gmail changes very quickly. At the aesthetic level first, the new interface is now imposed on all users. The most attentive users have also noticed that now, Gmail automatically suggests contacts or even conversations depending on the context of your email. In the company’s own words, “These suggestions appear as you type in search terms. They are related to the information contained in your Gmail account (messages, contacts, labels or previous searches).

“We’ve offered results from search history for a while, but in this case, we’re analyzing your past searches and using them to optimize for real results.” It is understood that this improvement in service has, a priori, nothing spectacular. However, it required the use of advanced technologies such as machine learning. An area in which Google has become an expert. One of the best examples is the company’s latest smartphone, the Pixel 7 Pro, which has become a benchmark in photography thanks to artificial intelligence.

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