Gmail not only has a new interface, it also brings other news that you will love

Most of us who have an email account have it with Gmail. This is the Google email server, a free service with which we have 15 GB of storage space totally free to save our emails (and everything we want in Google Drive), in addition to providing other services associated with our email account. Google. This mail server has been with us for many years, and little by little it has evolved and improved, thinking about the needs of the users. And, right now, it is undergoing a process of change that, without a doubt, will be for the better.

This same month, Gmail has changed its interface to give it a much more modern, rounded and, for a fee, useful touch. Although it is true that not all the changes have been good for you (especially if we use themes to customize the inbox), in general the facelift was already necessary, and it puts other tools, such as Drive, Calendar or Keep, much more at our reach.

However, this new interface was not the only thing that Google was going to prepare for Gmail in 2022, and it is that, imminently, we are going to receive other very interesting news such as the ones that we detail below.

Free up Gmail space

3 new features that are coming to Gmail

The first of the news that we are going to receive very soon in our inbox is an improved search engine. Surely we have ever tried to search for an email in Gmail and we have realized how badly this search engine works. Although the email search engine was already improved last July, now Gmail is going to use deep learning to learn about us and help us find much more relevant emails. For example, you will know when we search for a specific contact, other sequential searches that we have carried out, etc. Thus, instead of showing us all the emails that contain a name, for example, it will first show us those in which said name is the sender.

The second novelty is that of the contextual hints. In this way, we can save a lot of time when searching for an email by showing us possible relevant emails while we type in the search bar. This already works (more or less) currently, but the new version builds on the previous Machine Learning. And, to use it, we must have our activity history active both in the browser and in the application.

Finally, the third novelty that we are going to receive will greatly facilitate the task of share files. Google Chat currently allows us to share Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly from the char, but we can’t use it for other functions. However, the company is already working on (and experimentally testing) the ability to easily share files and folders directly through Google Chat thanks to Google Drive.

When will we see them?

At the moment, Google continues testing, experimenting and fine-tuning these new features before they reach all users. In any case, we should not take much longer to start enjoying them. Almost certainly between now and the end of the year we will be able to use these new features in our inbox. And its arrival will be gradual to all users, as on other occasions, starting with those who have professional accounts.

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