Gmail will soon be riddled with ads, even right in the middle of your inbox

Google apparently wants to increase its ad revenue. Gmail is getting more persistent ads that started popping up in the middle of some users’ inboxes.

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If you’ve ever used Google products, you know that ads are an integral part of the experience, with ads being a core part of Google’s business. It is notably thanks to them that many of the company’s services are available free of charge. This is the case of Gmail, which is starting to display more advertisements to certain Internet users, just after introducing its own certification system to stem email scams.

Indeed, according to 9to5Google, Google is increasing the number of its ads in the messaging app, with some even appearing in the middle of your inbox. These would be particularly present in the “notifications” section, mainly reserved for emails involving order confirmations, invoices and the like.

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Google will add even more ads to Gmail

While Gmail has long placed ads at the very top of the Promotions and Social Media inboxes, the company is experimenting with a whole new placement for some of its ads: between some of your emails. Yes, you read that right, it will soon be harder to distinguish between emails and advertisements, even though promotions come with the little green “Advertisement” icon.

These also sometimes seem to bother some Internet users. In recent weeks, email users have complained about seeing ads with large images at the top of their inbox, forcing them to scroll down to check their recent emails.

Luckily, ads don’t seem to show up in your main inbox yet, where you receive emails from other users. However, there is nothing to say that Google will not start displaying advertisements on the main page of its messenger in the future. And you, have you noticed an increase in the number of advertisements on your Gmail account? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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