God of War Ragnarok unveils its armada of accessibility options

God of War Ragnarok still does not have an official release date, although the return of Kratos remains fixed in 2022. While waiting to give more details on this point, the developers of Santa Monica Studio have just unveiled the armada of accessibility options that the game will offer. In total, players will have more than sixty options at their disposal.

Credits: Santa Monica

God of War Ragnarok is among the most anticipated PS5 and PS4 exclusives of the year. Unfortunately and at the time of writing these lines, Sony and Santa Monica Studio have still not given a precise release date. The manufacturer, however, confirmed that the launch was still scheduled for 2022, a sign that development is continuing without a hitch.

On this Thursday, May 19, 2022 and on the occasion of world accessibility awareness daythe teams of the Californian studio have just unveiled the full range of accessibility options which will be offered by the game. And as much to say that it is an armada, with more than sixty different options at the counter. An excellent thing, at a time when still too few studios integrate these functionalities, which are essential for players with certain disabilities or pathologies.

God of War Ragnarok will focus on accessibility

First, the title will include all the accessibility options present on the PC port of the first God of War. In detail, we will find in particular:

  • the possibility of activating or not the automatic sprint
  • the persistent dot, which keeps the aiming reticle constantly activated
  • Hold/Activate Aiming Stance
  • Hold/Activate Shield Stance
gow ragnarok accessibility
Credits: Santa Monica

In addition to these already existing options, God of War Ragnarok will therefore offer many new features, with a view to meeting the needs of as many players as possible. We will remember pell-mell multiple options on the subtitle sidewith the possibility of increasing their size, changing their color, displaying the names of the speakers, or even descriptions of the soundscape in-game and during cutscenes.

The size of texts and icons can also be modified., while gamers will be able to enjoy many different layouts of the controller buttons. You will also be free toassign keys as you see fit, if you want to use the touchpad, for example.

A high contrast mode will also be there and it will allow you to apply a specific color to objects, characters or enemies. We will then note the presence of a navigation aid, movement (to automate jumps or climbing in particular) as well as audio clues for each interaction on the screen. “We are committed to improving accessibility and personalization for all of our players,” ensures Santa Monica Studio.

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