God of War: the excellent port on PC gets off to a very good start

God of War, the game released in 2018 on PS4, has just arrived on PC. And the first figures show that the players have responded. The title welcomed more than 70,000 players simultaneously during its launch weekend. And nearly 95% of players gave the game a positive rating. Better results than Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

Credits: Sony

On January 14, god of war arrived on Steam and on Epic Games Store. After Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn, this is the third PlayStation exclusive to land on PC. A launch that we obviously followed closely. Firstly because the portage seemed to us to be of excellent quality. Then because God of War is one of the strong licenses of Sony Interactive.

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God of War arrived on PC this weekend. The selling price is quite attractive: around 50 euros. And you get what you pay for: our test of God of War on PC confirms that it is an excellent port, for a game that remains essential to any self-respecting toy library. The work done by Jetpack Interactive on the original production of Sony Santa Monica is very neat. We would have liked so much care for the port of the GTA trilogy.

God of War gets off to a great start on PC

And the players seem to be as convinced of that as we are. Indeed, on the one hand, there are little or no inflammatory messages on social networks. And on the other hand, the few indicators provided by Steam on the game show a very good start. Valve’s online store database claims that more than 73000 users simultaneously played God of War this weekend. And more precisely Sunday at 3 p.m. (UTC time).

The success seems to be confirmed over time. The volume of players never drops below 30,000 people connected. At the time of writing these lines, 56000 players are here. In addition, the players are generally satisfied with the result. Reviews are positive in more than 95% of cases. Unsurprisingly, Gof of War is currently number 1 in sales.

God of War is therefore enjoying an excellent start, much better than that of Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn, whose returns have been more mixed. This will certainly encourage Sony to continue producing PC ports of its PlayStation exclusives. Among the licenses cited by the rumors are Uncharted, Bloodborne or even Ghost of Tsushima.

Source: Steam

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