Godeal24 flash sale from 11.11: take advantage of Office 2021 at a mini price and Windows at €6.11

As Single’s Day approaches, Godeal24 is already offering you exceptional discounts with Windows 10 and Office 2021 at low prices. The Windows operating system is even available for only €6.11.


It may not be November 11 yet, but for thousands of consumers around the world, it’s never too early to take advantage of great deals. Single’s Day, if it is truly celebrated on November 11, is most of the time synonymous with reductions for several days before and after the big day.

And if you’re looking for a way to take your productivity to the next level, we’ve got a great plan for Microsoft Office for you. It’s the industry-leading suite of software for your emails, spreadsheets, and more. And with the introduction of Windows 11 into the mix, performing your computing tasks has never been easier. And to take advantage of these software, Godeal24 offers you a flash sale for Single’s Day so you can increase your productivity and enjoy the benefits of a genuine Windows license.

This flash sale allows incredible promotions on all the most popular PC software. For example, the most popular Windows 10 license is available for just $7.42. You can even enjoy an even lower price if you buy a bundle with multiple licenses. And if you want to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro, you can get a genuine and secure version of Windows 11 Pro for just $11.11 right now. It is the latest Microsoft operating system and since its launch it has not stopped being updated and improved by Microsoft. And if you want Windows and Office in large quantities, you can take advantage of a big business sale.

11.11 discounts at Godeal24

For example, you can take advantage of Microsoft Office 2021 for €13.22 with the following offers:

You can also benefit from Windows 10 and Windows 11 Home at the best price for only €6.11 per PC with the offers below:

Also, with the code SGO62, you can enjoy -62% discount on the following products:

With the code SGO50, you can also take advantage of the following offers at half price:

And for even more software at low prices, find the following offers:

Godeal24 inquires before the sale on the history of each of its licenses. Users can therefore use them without any problem. Licenses purchased from Godeal24 are also “lifetime”, which means that they can be used without restrictions and will be updated by Microsoft for their lifetime.

How to make payment?

For payment, start by going to the payment page and continue as a guest or create an account. Then fill in the billing information.

KW payment

Select CWALLETCO and click Continue then Place Order.

place order kw

You are redirected to this page. Click on “Choose a payment method”.

method of payment

Finally, you can, for example, choose Paypal as the payment method.

end kw

Is Godeal24 a reliable site? To find out, you can rely on the 98% positive reviews on the review site Trustpilot. Customers are particularly happy to benefit from low prices, but also from the variety of software offered and the very fast digital delivery. After your order, you will indeed receive your software by email as soon as possible.

As a bonus, Godeal24 offers after-sales service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for life! To reach him, just send an email to the address “”.

This article is a sponsored post offered by Godeal24.

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