Godzilla and Kong arrive at Call of Duty Warzone

It is a fever that little by little is spreading, especially among the battle royale most popular on the market, and it is the theming (almost advertising) of content to support the launch of a new film, series or expected event of global significance. In this way, Activision continues with Call of Duty Warzone the same steps that remind us of those that Epic Games is following with its Fortnite and its constant updates.

Godzilla vs Kong, two titans at stake

That’s the way it is, call of duty warzone, who is still looking for a way to make his way into the territory of the battle royale taking advantage of its pull as an essentially multiplayer saga (in recent years), it has decided to organize two weeks of themed events around a film that you will have in your memory, which was released due to the pandemic in March 2021 and which promises to turn the game’s setting into a worthy successor to the mythical Skull Island.

The fact is that from May 11 to 25, all players who venture into Call of Duty Warzonethey will do it with the possibility of sign up for the challenge of participating in what Activision has dubbed Operation Monarch, that if you remember, it is the name of the company that is behind the care of the great ape and that in the film of Godzilla vs Kong makes the difficult decision to move the ape to a safe place.

In this special mission in which we can participate, we will have to come face to face, not only against the mythical King Kong, but also against Godzilla, another of the classic characters from the Toho factory and who has been starring in movies since the 1950s in Japan, where he is one of the most revered characters in the entire Japanese imagination.

Warzone Operation Monarch.

Participate and win exclusive rewards

These events, obviously, are nothing if we can’t take away some other exclusive reward that indicates to the rest of the players in the future how much we have worked to finish off those two monsters. And so much so that Activision itself, on its official blog, has confirmed that if we participate in all these special operations against Godzilla and King Kong, we will take rewards and we will be able to collect the so-called Monarch Intel, In addition to overcoming some marked challenges that, of course, will open the doors for us to acquire the so-called Monsterverse Bundles which are inspired by elements from last year’s film.

Remember that Godzilla vs Kong It is the last of the deliveries of the so-called monsterverse that Warner invented to give plot coherence to four films that began to be released in 2014, and that are Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island Y Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The last one is precisely that of the confrontation between the two titans that, very presumably, will continue at some point with more projects to come.

Remember that Call of Duty Warzone is the leg battle royale of the franchise, completely free and that allows us play games against 149 players at the same time where the last survivor who steps on the island of Verdansk wins.

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