GOG will continue to live up to its name, very good news

It is evident that CD Projekt RED, and therefore GOG, is not going through its best moment. The huge puncture after the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 resulted, among other things, in a severe blow to the company’s finances, to the point that even its own shareholders considered taking legal action against the company. 2021 was, without a doubt, a very bad year for the Polish company, a trend that they seem determined to reverse in 2022.

The main example of this we have, of course, with the news that the studio is already working on a reboot of its successful The Witcher saga, but also with good news, which has been published today on the blog of its store, and which confirms that GOG will not only keep its focus on classic games, but also aim to bring them back to the forefront..

Sensational news, as I said, since it clears up the doubts that arose at the end of last year, when CD Projekt RED stated that GOG was giving losses to the group and that, consequently, they had to modify their business model, focusing on a very finely tuned selection of titles that could be bought in the store.

Immediately, and as we told you at the time, the warning voice began to travel the Internet, since the movement to leave aside the classic games (or at least a good part of them) to focus only on a much smaller selectionmade many of us fear that GOG would stop being the place to look for those games that we enjoyed a few years ago, or a few decades, in order to legally acquire them and enjoy them again.

In today’s post, CD Projekt RED states that “One of the things we would like to do this year is go back to our classic gaming rootswith the knowledge and experience that we have gained during the existence of GOG«. A text in which the company recalls the origin of the name of the store, Good Old Games, and in which it also states that its plans are to devote more attention to them, to give them more visibility and, therefore, to convert again the platform “in the best place for classic PC games«.

GOG will continue to honor its name, very good news

To this end, after reviewing everything GOG has done so far, they state that their plan is to return the focus to the classics, in what they themselves call «the revival of the Good Old Games concept«. And the first step in this direction has been to create a label named precisely like that, Good Old Game, which has been assigned, for now, to just over 500 games curated by the GOG teamand that meet certain conditions that make them worthy of such recognition.

It is true that, thus raised, a label to distinguish these titles does not seem, precisely, a reinvention. However, and from what we can gather from his blog post, he really they seem very aware of the value of their original proposal, that of classic games, and the value that users give it. Not to mention, of course, that it is a niche under their control, much calmer waters than wanting to focus on competing with Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Be that as it may, this is excellent news for those of us who enjoy classic games and, just as I expressed my concern about what seemed to be a change of direction by GOG, today I celebrate this change of direction, which makes the first G and O of the store name shine with a lot more light than what they have done in recent times.

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