Going on vacation: what are the advantages of remote monitoring?

With the approach of departing on vacation, there is always the worrying question of the security of your home. In 2021, the remote monitoring solutions are numerous, effective and proven. Zoom on the offer of Verisure, leader of the sector, which recently offered a major brand remote surveillance camera in its service.

There is one sector of activity that has particularly suffered from the successive confinements of 2020 and 2021: burglary. The figures reported by the state last year speak for themselves: the police and the gendarmerie counted 231,900 home burglaries in 2019, the figure fell to 185,600 in 2020. A drop of 20% which s’ Logically explains: the job of burglar is inevitably more complicated when people are forced to stay at home.

This drop actually hides a strong disparity between the different quarters of the year. If during the second and the last quarter of the year 2020 the number of burglaries has dropped significantly, the third quarter, that of the summer holidays, is marked by a return to normal.

The effect of the various lockdowns on burglaries in recent quarters is particularly telling.

The bottom line is that like any market, the burglary industry knows how to seize every opportunity. And the best time to enjoy renewed activity is undoubtedly the summer vacation. A trend that will inevitably be confirmed in 2021.

Complete and turnkey monitoring solutions

To guard against burglaries in 2021, the means of monitoring your home are now numerous and are almost all based on connected objects. It is thus quite possible to install a connected camera yourself, then to be alerted by your smartphone in the event of unusual movement. Handy for knowing what’s going on at home, but not very effective at alerting you when you sleep.

The most practical and reassuring solution is an all-in-one solution with a connected alarm associated with remote monitoring, as offered by Verisure on its website.

Verisure’s offer is intended to be as complete as possible. It benefits from the experience of the Swedish company in the protection of homes for individuals. Its offer includes around fifteen safety accessories to be installed in any type of housing, including, in the basic offer:

  • A plate and stickers “Alarms” placed in front of the accommodation to deter burglars
  • Shock and opening detectors on the entrance doors that activate the alarm in the event of unusual vibrations
  • A motion detector with color image capture
  • An alarm center, connected to all the sensors placed in the house, which emits a strident noise in order to scare away intruders. It is permanently connected to the 3G or GPRS network.
  • An access badge reader, to activate or deactivate the alarm.

To this basic package, Verisure also offers to add additional optional devices such as an anti-burglary fog or a surveillance camera (the very good Arlo Essential Spotlight) that can be installed indoors or in the house. outside his home. You can discover the connected camera offered by Verisure on its website.

Verisure offers an Arlo Essential Spotlight surveillance camera as an option in its monitoring offerings.

24 hour surveillance

The entire Verisure device is then associated with an alarm center, itself connected to the Internet via the 3G or GPRS network, thanks to an integrated SIM card. This control unit is connected to the mobile application My new Verisure (available on Android and iOS), from which you can consult in real time the alerts emitted by the sensors, activate or deactivate the alarm or even see and review the photos and videos taken by the sensors.

The most interesting advantage of the Verisure solution comes mainly from the remote monitoring system carried out by the brand’s experts. If the alarm in your home goes on, the expert checks the doubt via the security device (motion detector or security camera) to ascertain or not a proven case.

If the expert in question notices that there is an intrusion or the start of a fire in your home, he will, in the following minute, call the emergency services (law enforcement, firefighters) to an on-site intervention.

A flexible device installed by a professional

The last advantage of a turnkey remote monitoring system like the one from Verisure is that it is installed by professionals, who come directly to your home. After having made a first estimate by phone, an installer will come to your home to audit the premises, place and install the right equipment in the right place.

This professional will quickly identify the main weak points of your home (front door, patio door, garage), but also decide where to place the camera (s) or the various motion or shock detectors. He is also the one who will explain to you how the equipment works and how to use the application.

The different offers of Verisure.

Verisure now offers different versions to individuals. There are thus two basic offers (Verisure Initiale and Verisure Optimal) to which it is possible to add additional security accessories or services. Each device is made to measure according to its housing. To find out more and get a quote, visit the official Verisure website.

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