Golden Ax comes to life with this spectacular DOOM mod

Golden Ax and DOOM

This creation comes from the hands of an old acquaintance in the DOOM mod community, as BBblakowicz has previously surprised us with other truly amazing creations. But this time we are facing a very striking crossover, since this lover of the saga has wanted to pay tribute to the mythical Goldex Ax from Mega Drive to take him to DOOM with his first-person perspective.

The result, as you can see, is incredible, and allows us to teleport to the world of Golden Ax in a very peculiar way. Of course, with the idea of ​​respecting the gameplay of the original, the character we control will not be able to fire any type of projectile, so all attacks will be melee, making the game even more difficult with this perspective.

It is downloadable?

At the moment its creator is not too far advanced in the project, but he wanted to share his progress with a first pre-alpha that you can download and install on your own. The published level is “Village Outskirts”, and many of the graphics and textures of the original game have been adapted in this peculiar version of DOOM, so the oldest of the place will surely remember many of the sprites that appear on screen.

It has also included a secret area in the mana, more villagers and the possibility of mapping the button that will activate the magic.

There is no shortage of sound effects and even the original soundtrack, giving a tremendously confusing look when enjoying the new first-person perspective. According to its creator, each level has three villagers in danger that you must save before they are annihilated by the enemies. You will also be able to make use of the original magic with which to knock down all the enemies present on the screen and, soon, the dragons will also be able to be mounted as in the original game.

To enjoy the full experience, we will have to keep waiting until the modder finishes his work in full, but at least we can test the first minutes of the mod thanks to .pk3 that he has shared through Google Drive. We leave you with the package so you can download it for free, and note that you need to run it with GZDOOM so that everything runs smoothly.

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