Good and bad news for Mac in macOS Monterey beta 2

Small improvements in macOS 12 beta 2

The reason we always insist on not recommending installing a beta is because of how unstable they can be, containing bugs and performance problems, since they are ultimately trial versions. Therefore in each beta what we are always finding are improvements in that sense and Apple has taken good note of some of the bugs reported in the first beta of macOS 12 and in this second version they have been polishing various aspects. However, the ‘polish’ that Apple has done in this version have more to do with options that they had not directly added in the first beta.

A clear example of this is the refresh page button in Safari, which is back in this version. As you may already know, the browser has been redesigned giving visual changes to the tabs, window colors to match the web being viewed and, unfortunately, the hiding of some elements such as the one mentioned to refresh the page. In this beta it is visible again and is accessible quickly as it was in previous versions of the system such as macOS Big Sur.

Apple also adds in this version the option to eliminate color change that we commented previously. However, this version also brings less positive points and is that a trick that was running through the forums to recover the previous tab system it has been blocked in some way, since it is impossible to execute it. Now Safari offers a view of tabs in which they are reduced in size, making their management more uncomfortable for many users. We do not know if Apple will allow you to return to the previous method at some point, but for today it is not allowed.

Another bad news comes in relation to some novelties presented and that nevertheless remain unavailable, as is the case of being able to use the same mouse and keyboard on Mac and iPad. This applauded novelty has not yet been implemented and we will have to keep waiting to be able to test it.

When is the public beta coming? And the final version?

Apple announced that all public betas of its operating systems would arrive in the month of July, which begins this Thursday. There is no exact date for it and therefore speculation remains open, but it seems unlikely that it will be in these first days of the month when it arrives and it looks more like the first public beta will arrive when the third for developers is, although we insist on emphasizing that there is nothing confirmed about it.

The release date of the final version is also up in the air. Apple talked about fall at the time of giving its availability to the public, a station that houses up to four months. If we look at what happened in previous years, we could get to see it in october or november, which is when others like macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur arrived. Now, we cannot rule out either that its arrival will be set in September accompanying iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15. In any case here we will inform you when something new is known about it.

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