Good End 2021: Tips to choose the best cell phone without spending more

In Mexico the Good end It is held every year, normally it takes place in the first week of November. During this commercial event, physical and online stores have sales, some products can be obtained with significant discounts compared to other times of the year.

One of the products with the highest demand is smartphones, and selecting a specific model that fits our needs, budget and even taste could be a complicated task. So in this guide we share some tips so you can choose the best cell phone without spending too much.

Define and you will conquer

The first step is to define a budget, with this we can delimit and correctly choose a device, since we will directly search for those that are within the price range that we want. The official website of the good end has the companies affiliated to these dates, so that you can search among them and compare prices.

Through the page you can find out the affiliated storesWith this you can look for the phones that fit the budget and also see those that are on sale, it is important to review all the terms and conditions of sale, return policies, shipping costs if it is online and guarantees.

In the case of online stores, It is necessary to verify that it is a link that corresponds to the store, all this to avoid theft or data leakage, double check that the available offer is from the official store and not through external sellers, since in this case it could be a scam . To compare Amazon prices you can use the website, remember not to make purchases from this page and only use it for informational purposes.

It is worth mentioning that prices may vary depending on the type of payment, that is, if it is through debit, credit or cash cards, as well as the participating banks. In case you have a problem with a store, Profeco can defend your rights as a consumer, you can check the official page for any situation.

How to compare a cell phone?

Finally, to compare a cell phone with another you also have to thoroughly review its characteristics, processor, RAM memory, ROM memory, main camera, front, if you have doubts and want to make this comparison in a simpler way you can use online comparators, so you can place the model of your current smartphone against which you want to buy, in case you are between two different models you can also compare it. These sites usually give you a rating, the higher the performance of the team.

Differences between RAM and ROM

Before making the purchase, remember to check the RAM and ROM which are two completely different, the ROM tells us the storage capacity where we are going to save photos, apps among others and the RAM is a memory capable of storing everything that runs on your device, the more the terminal has, the more it prevents it from being put slow.


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