Good End 2021: What should you take into account if you are going to buy a video game console

One of the products that are sold the most during a season of sales are the consoles of video game, And Good End 2021 is no exception, many stores are offering great discounts, online and also physically. So if you are thinking of acquiring a new console, accessory or title, here are some recommendations.

In the world of video games there are many options available, brands, prices, type of gameplay and even versions, the first thing to take into account is the budget available to be able to acquire any of them.

Another point to consider is the video game catalog available for each of them, as not all games are available for all platforms. In the case of Sony it can be reviewed in the PlayStation Store while in Xbox they are available in the Microsoft store, for Nintendo we have the eshop.

New generation consoles

On Xbox there are two new last generation consoles, there is the console Xbox Series S It does not have a disc reader so all games are purchased digitally. For its part the Xbox series X It has a 4K Bluray reader for video games and movies. Consider that a Xbox One S It is from the last generation and is somewhat similar to the Series S.

For PlayStation There are two versions, the digital PS5, which, like the Xbox Series S, lacks a disc reader unit, and the PlayStation 5, which incorporates a reader unit. The specifications between both versions are the same

Nintendo has three consoles, Nintendo switch, it can be connected to the TV, it includes two controls called Joycons and it also works in a portable way, Nintendo Switch Lite, this cannot be connected to a screen, it only works portable and the controls are integrated into the console, the latest console of Nintendo is the OLED Switch, this one is a bit bigger compared to all of them and can be played on any screen.

Another factor to take into account later we must know that currently all the consoles of video game They work with an internet connection, although it is not essential for their operation, therefore it is advisable to have a good connection so as not to present any inconvenience when playing online or downloading a game.

Compare and you will win

In order to purchase a video game console, you have to compare prices, analyze all the stores that have it available, also check if there is promotion with other payment methods, also the memory that the consoles have, video games that it includes or even if they are Last generation since in the case of Xbox, it is very easy to get confused with the previous generation.

You have to analyze the price in depth and not buy the product in the first store that is offered, when making purchases online, it is important check reputation of the person who sells it, check the links to make them genuine and not get carried away by a supposed discount.


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