Good news: Tesla’s superchargers will be open to all vehicles in 2021

The Tesla Supercharger network will no longer only be reserved for Tesla cars: in 2021, the automaker will allow competing models to come and recharge electrically on it.

Take your electric car to a Tesla Supercharger station to charge it, even if it comes from another brand? This is the horizon that the American car manufacturer is preparing, from 2021, announced Elon Musk on Twitter. The boss of the company promises an opening for all the countries in which his fast charging network is available.

We made our own connector because there was no standard back then and Tesla only made long-range electric cars. This is a fairly thin connector for low and high power charging “, wrote the person concerned on July 20, before promising the gradual opening, from the end of the year, of its network to other compatible electric vehicles.

The new electric Fiat 500 could potentially be eligible for the Tesla Supercharger network. // Source: Raphaelle Baut for Numerama

At first glance, Tesla’s decision is great news, as the group is de facto expanding the number of fast charging stations that cars can access, beyond its own models, advancing the density and extent of the coverage of electrical installations. Indeed, the network suddenly becomes more important, since these infrastructures are no longer only reserved for Tesla.

According to a map provided by Tesla, there are 2,500 supercharging sites in the world, for a total of 25,000 terminals. They are mainly found in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) in Europe, on the east coast of Australia, in Japan, in South Korea and in eastern China, as well as Taiwan. A few kiosks are also open in New Zealand, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Opening of the Tesla Supercharger network: unknowns remain

The opening, in a few months, of the Tesla Supercharger network will certainly give the American automaker time to make the necessary adjustments so that a wide range of vehicles can benefit from it. As Frandroid points out, the Californian manufacturer’s stations are not currently designed to accommodate all vehicles, due to certain physical constraints.

Since the terminal cables are short, the location of the charging port can be a problem: it is standardized in the case of Tesla vehicles, with a position located on the left rear fender. However, other manufacturers have opted for an opening elsewhere, for example at the front. In fact, it becomes impossible to park in the nails while being well oriented with respect to the terminal.

Fast charging stations. Here, a Tesla. Tomorrow, other models of competing manufacturers. // Source: Tesla

Unless you imagine that Tesla is embarking on a large public works project to upgrade its network and thus give the terminals much longer cables, models of electric cars sold by competitors could be left out. The price of electricity will also be a subject: will it be aligned with that of Tesla’s customers or will it be a little higher?

As the months go by, Tesla will elaborate on the outlines of its announcement, including how vehicles and stations will exchange certain information to ensure delivery of electricity to the battery, but also on the means of payment – it There is also no payment terminal or screen on the terminals, which suggests the use of an app.

For Tesla, this opening also has an economic interest, seeing more use of its terminals, which are not systematically occupied by its customers. The manufacturer obviously intends to find its account, in addition to the drivers, who will have access to an even more extensive network, even if the cohabitation with the owners of a Tesla car may be turbulent at first.

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