Good news: We can use the Apple Watch straps on the Ultra model

When Apple debuted the new Apple Watch Ultra aimed primarily at athletes and adventurers, it didn’t comment on compatibility with other Apple Watch straps. It is a pity that if we decide to buy this new model we cannot use the straps of the old watches, if we have them. But the good news is that yes we can use them so if you have a good collection of them, or you need to be thinking of selling them or it is no longer an obstacle for you to retain the purchase of this new model.

Last September 7, when Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, we were amazed, me at least. Above all, when we saw the prices in Spain. Nothing more and nothing less than 999 euros are to blame for whether I am thinking of buying it or not. Because another of the doubts I had was the possibility that the straps of the other watches could be worth for this new model. I could not find information on Apple about it, however, they are valid, so that is no longer a factor that will determine that I do not buy it.

We are sure that despite the Apple Watch Ultra having a larger case size, which goes up to 49mm, pYou can use any strap that fits the 44mm or 45mm Apple Watch models. Pay attention to this data. It has to be that size. And the question you may be asking yourself is, does it work the other way around? That is, do the new Apple Watch Ultra straps work or work for previous models? new straps, Alpine Loop, Trail Loop and Ocean Band, will also be valid to be part of the Apple Watch Series 8 for instance.

Look where you look at it, Good news.

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