Good plan: 40 GB prepaid package at €9.99 for life on the Orange network

A cheap, simple, non-binding package, with no duration condition and prepaid as well! The offer is signed Lebara. It allows you to subscribe to an unlimited package with 40 GB of internet for €9.99/30 days, and on the excellent Orange mobile network in addition.

lebara package
Lebara cuts the price of its 40GB plan to €9.99 for life – Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

Free yourself from all the constraints imposed by a classic mobile plan! With Lebara’s prepaid offer, you are the sole master of your package. You can renew it whenever you want, recharge it when you need more data and cancel it free of charge at any time.

In short, you have total freedom to manage your mobile plan. And with the promotion that the 40 GB plan currently enjoys, you have the opportunity to pay for your offer at a cheaper price as long as you remain a subscriber.

Lebara 40 GB package at €9.99/30 days: an unlimited package at a bargain price!

Their simplicity is one of the main advantages of Lebara mobile plans. But we should also not forget the fact that they are affordable. Just look at this 40 GB package to notice it. Currently displayed at €9.99/30 days, it is one of the cheapest packages at the moment if we take into account that the price is guaranteed for life.

Apart from the price, the content is also very interesting. In addition to the 40 GB of mobile data provided each month, the offer also includes unlimited calls and texts in France. Naturally, the network is also of high quality knowing that Lebara relies on Orange antennas. At the moment, the incumbent operator has the best French mobile network with more than 99% of the territory covered and a more than comfortable average speed since it is 110 Mbit/s in 4G.

Why fall for this Lebara package?

In addition to the excellent price/performance ratio, Lebara’s 40 GB package also impresses with its simplicity and flexibility.

The operator asks you for the minimum to subscribe to his offer. No form of contract is required. You order your SIM card online and receive it 48 hours later.

Again, there is no need to wait. The SIM card will be immediately functional. Just insert it into your smartphone and you can immediately start enjoying your gigabytes and unlimited communications. Note also that the Lebara SIM card is free, whereas you have to pay €5 or €10 for it with other operators. Even more, the MVNO offers you 2 GB of additional data for one month, for your first subscription.

In addition, the Lebara plan does not work by direct debit. When subscribing to the offer, the operator will not ask you for your bank details. You pay for your package by credit card or via PayPal.

Charging is also done in the same way from the Lebara website or via the MyLebara application. Otherwise, it is also possible to top up directly at one of the 10,000 Lebara points of sale in France.

Refer a customer and earn up to €50 bonus

Finally, for all subscribers who wish to earn money with Lebara, the operator offers a sponsorship program allowing them to receive up to €50 in rewards for each sponsored friend.

If you are a customer and you are convinced by the advantages of the Lebara package, talk to those around you and persuade them to subscribe to a Lebara package in order to receive the promised rewards.

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To remember :

  • Lebara 40 GB package at €9.99/30 days
  • Prepaid plan, without commitment and without duration condition

This article was written in partnership with Lebara.

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