Goodbye adult channels! Roku will block explicit content on its platform, since when?

Roku, The company specializing in Streaming and Smart TV devices, has announced new measures that it will take against channels that offer graphic content for adults.

Currently, Roku It is one of the most used devices in Mexico for the consumption of digital content, all official channels have been cataloged according to their rules to avoid the presence of illegal content, plagiarism, or distribution of unauthorized content.

Taking into account the above, Roku offers a catalog of channels that can be installed in a simple way, for this it is enough to access the application store, write the name of what you want to see, later several similar options will be displayed.

Although, the authorized content is strictly regulated by the community rules of the platform, in the section for developers This is not the case since it allows you to install applications to test its operation, without having to go through the filters of the application store. We now know that this is about to change.

During the annual developer conference, Roku mentioned that it will block apps like PornHub and similar content, including in developer mode, as of March 1, 2022. These private channels will no longer be available and will now be called Beta channels.

Adult content providers offered their services through private channels.

With this measure, PornHub will no longer have access to your private channel as well as other companies that offer content not authorized by Roku. While developers, through beta channels, will have the option to test their channels with a limited scope of 20 people maximum.

With the launch of the Beta Channels feature, non-certified channels, which were previously available to support development testing, are no longer required and will be phased out in March 2022.


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