Goodbye gaming GPU stock: break NVIDIA’s mining lock

Just yesterday a new update of the NBMiner mining software, an update that initially claims skip LHR limitations by NVIDIA on its RTX 30 series GPUs, thereby enabling take advantage of 70% its power (vs. 50% set by NVIDIA in the limitation). Now, according to new reports, the power of a RTX 3060 Ti when mining With this new update it reaches 40.5 MH / s, 35% better compared to what it had until now (30 MH / s) but, is it enough to make it profitable to mine with these graphics cards again?

The LHR limitation that NVIDIA has imposed on its next-generation RTX 30 Series graphics cards aiming to avoid cryptocurrency miners’ interest in them; this limitation reduces mining power by 50%, in most cases making it unprofitable to use them for mining and, with this, miners opt for other alternatives, leaving stock of these graphs for normal users.

NVIDIA graphics are still not profitable to mine

As expected for a long time, it was only a matter of time before mining software developers managed to find ways around NVIDIA’s LHR limitation, and this is precisely what has happened with the latest update to the popular NBMiner software. With this update, the hashrate of the RTX 3060 Ti is now more competitive and compares with some of the most widely used GPUs in mining, such as RTX 2070 waves RX 5700 from AMD, although of course this is if these GPUs are in stock.

And it is that unfortunately for both miners and users, the prices of the RTX 3060 Ti are still especially bad. On eBay, for example, resellers still sell these charts at outrageous prices (more than double their original price), and let’s not talk about finding any of these charts available at regular stores anymore. The average price for RTX 3060 Ti on the second-hand market for the past week was around $ 940.

This means that for now the RTX 3060 Ti remain unprofitable to mine, even though the new NBMiner update has significantly improved their performance. Even with a hashrate of 41 MH / s, they assume an average income of $ 3.25 a day at current rates, so it would take about 290 days of 24 × 7 mining only to cover the initial investment to buy the graphics card.


For their part, Radeon RX 6600 XT that have just been launched on the market have a mining yield of around 32 MH / s, and are already for sale in the second-hand market with a quite remarkable price premium (620 dollars on average on eBay). This averages about $ 2.5 a day of income, so you would have to have these graphs mining for 248 days non-stop just to make the investment of your purchase profitable.

Regardless of all this, NBMiner offers some performance improvements for the RTX 3060 Ti LHR when mining, and the same should apply to all other NVIDIA LHR graphics. If the prices of the cryptocurrency Ethereum continue to rise, we could be facing a new wave of miners again consuming the supply of GPUs, disrupting all the actions that NVIDIA is taking to counter this trend.

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