Goodbye scale: this bath mat tracks your weight and body fat

A scale on the bathroom from home has become the custom in several homes. The habit of measuring your weight before starting the day has become a difficult habit to eradicate, especially due to the incidence of kilos on the individual, influencing the dietary decisions of the day in order to have a better Health. But the problem arises when it is no longer known in which corner to locate the small scale, because it interferes where it is placed.

However, to solve this problem, a company designed a carpet of bathroom that includes under its soft fabrics a balance so that the individual can weigh himself religiously every day. This modern scale has generated a furor in social networks, although it has not yet officially gone on sale, however the company in charge of marketing it has already released the list of properties that it brings and that will impact the health of the subject.

The name of the carpet bathroom with balance It is “BBalance” and is characterized by having an intelligent footprint sensor that will detect which member of the family is positioned on it and, consequently, provides different biometric data, beyond providing exact weighing.

The fingerprint reader that has this balance from bathroom It can detect up to 4 thousand points of support of the sole of the foot, allowing it to detect the silhouette, size and 3D shape of the foot. All these data are dumped on a server on the web and the person will be able to track their Health through an application that will store your personal information.

In addition, the “BBalance” will measure the body mass index, percentage of water, bone and fat that those who have the carpet in the bathroom will have. This small scale has a value of around 200 euros and whoever is interested in acquiring it must reserve it and wait until April 2022, when the products are delivered to the whole world.

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