Goodbye to screens thanks to this new Lenovo idea

Placing a screen in front of our eyes is not new, since we have already seen it with virtual reality glasses. However, until now no one had raised it as with the Lenovo Glasses T1. Which will allow us to privately enjoy our favorite content in video games, movies, series, etc. And all this on a screen in the form of glasses that you can take anywhere. Let’s see, therefore, what is special about this interesting Lenovo peripheral.

Without a doubt we are in the era of personal screens, today everyone has a mobile or tablet where they can see their favorite content exclusively without disturbing third parties. Now Lenovo takes that concept further with a peripheral that veterans might consider the Walkman or the iPod of screens. In the sense that just as these devices gave us music just for us, the Lenovo T1s give video only for their user.

Lenovo Glasses T1

From Lenovo they have managed to put a Micro OLED display with filter against bluish light and eyestrain in glasses that provide a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels per eye and a 10,000:1 contrast. Nevertheless, They are not glasses for virtual reality because they are limited to 60Hz refresh rate. However, they are not entirely portable, since they do not have a battery and use a USB-C cable with integrated DisplayPort to power and send the video signal.

According to Lenovo, this makes compatible their Lenovo Glasses T1 with a large number of laptops, the Apple iPad Air and Pro and also certain high-end models with Android. In the event that you have an Apple device with a lighting connection, you can use an adapter to use this device and view the content from your bitten apple device. As for audio, it includes hi-fi stereo headphones.

If our mobile is compatible with Steam Link or with the different cloud gaming platforms, then it becomes ideal if we want to play at night or simply watch our favorite series, and all this without disturbing our partner. Unfortunately, since the same USB-C cable carries video and power, we can’t use a simple DisplayPort to USB-C adapter. Therefore, to play our favorite console and PC games, we must opt ​​for the solutions that we have mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

Price and availability

For now Lenovo has not officially announced the price of its Glasses T1but we know that will launch in the Chinese market later this year and in select markets in early 2023. So we will have to wait to find out if we will have it available in Spain and how much it will cost us in the end. However, we have been able to know that they could go on the market for a price of less than 500 euros, although for the moment we have to contrast said information.

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