Goodbye to the AMD RX 6600 XT? Mining will destroy GPU stock

Although we are going to deal with the issue of stores and stock tomorrow, what is announced now may be a demonstration that the average and professional miner does not understand ships, as they say. Although everyone is looking for the long-awaited MH / s, the consumption of the card is a decisive factor as well as its price, so seeing as the market is, it is not surprising that now there is a mining boom and….

The AMD RX 6600 XT is the new queen of the low-end cryptocurrency

The reality of gaming with this card is that it was assumed that it would be close to the long-awaited RTX 3060 Ti by pure name, but contrary to this the GPU not only has not been up to par, but is closer to the RTX 3060 in percentage terms. than the Ti version of it.

Therefore, many users are somewhat disappointed with this RX 6600 XT, but since the price is closer to its MSRP and that the performance is really good in general terms, the sale of these cards was assumed to be a boom before finalizing. the year and apparently it will be.

The problem is that it will not reach mostly gamers, but miners, since the new data shows this due to its better PPW. In fact, the PPW that it shows is so good that it far surpasses all the old and new models on the market, whether from AMD or NVIDIA, which is already running like wildfire through the mining forums.

Performance isn’t everything, out of stock of the RX 6600 XT?


Although this new low-end AMD GPU only achieves in mining 32 MH / s (its competitor RTX 3060 Ti achieves almost 60) the consumption it obtains is really low: only 55 watts, which leaves us a PPW of 0.581818 on average for 0.446154 of its direct rival. It is even surpassed in MH / s by the RTX 3060 (37 MH / s) but this triggers its consumption exactly double and makes it fall in the table with 0.336364 PPW. Therefore, right now the RX 6600 XT is the best model to mine cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Therefore and being this almost a reality, the stock in the main distributors is flying and it is more than presumable that we will see a wave of second-hand GPUs with higher-end models, since the price of electricity is rising throughout Europe and much of the world.

The problem is that the end user who wants to get a card is going to find in a short time with a stock equal to or close to zero, repeating the story of a year ago because AMD has not prevented this issue.

Will the company change its mind seeing this and follow in NVIDIA’s footsteps?

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