Goodbye to the low-end for PC and laptop on Black Friday and Christmas

This is one of those news that one does not want to give because of what they represent for the user. But on the other hand, they are necessary if what we want is to maximize the help we offer you, and that is because this Black Friday and this Christmas will not be like those of yesteryear, since as we can read in some statements from Intel, everything really looks like ugly for those with the tightest pocket. What about the low end of PCs and laptops at Christmas?

Millions of people turn to Black Friday and Christmas sales as a claim to buy their whims or simply to meet the need for a new technological product. In the case of our sector, the problem is complex, because it is precisely the season when more processors, boards, memories, graphics cards and laptops are sold. So why will this year be different from previous ones if we have returned to normalcy?

The domino effect of the current situation

In some direct statements and referring to the economic situation that Intel is going through with its profits and income in constant increase, George Davis, financial director and administrator of the so-called Client Computing Group of the Blues, left some quite interesting statements:

Strong demand for our high-end products, bolstered by the launch of Alder Lake, is offset by lower demand from OEMs for lower-end products as they prioritize their limited supply of components to support sales of high-end systems. high.

What does George mean between the lines? Well, it is not difficult to understand, but basically that OEM manufacturers have to make inventory adjustments and prioritize those products that are going to receive a better revenue ratio, that is, prioritize the products that are going to give them the most money. Logically these are the high-end or premium ones, where the margins are higher, taking advantage of the user’s looser pocket.

Almost no low-end offer on Black Friday and Christmas


As a result of these statements, the first analyzes have already come out about what awaits us in the key dates that come and basically we have a bleak outlook. Low-end products of any kind are going to be much more difficult to come by in this period of sales and parties due to a shortage of components.

This small summary has a final resolution, and it is nothing more than the fact that the user who is forced to acquire any PC component or device will have to pay a greater amount of money because it will be forced in some way to buy a higher-end product.

This is already being seen today in PC sales, both desktop and laptop, where there is both less sales and less demand for it. What are the stores planning to do? Well, apparently, at least in the US, it is to extend the Black Friday sale period to make it almost coincide with Christmas, so that the user can buy for a longer time with discounts.

Now comes the controversy about whether or not we will fall for it. Will the average user stretch towards a more expensive, but more powerful and higher quality product? Or will it wait months for the situation to stabilize, if it ever does in 2022?

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