Goodbye Touch Bar, hello notch. Radical changes beyond design in the new MacBook Pros

Notch on the MacBook Pro

One of the demands of many users for a long time was related to the Removing the Touch Bar on MacBook Pros. Well, these new Apple computers pass another somewhat strange page in the technology of the MacBook Pro and leave aside the Touch Bar.

Undoubtedly, it was something that possibly made the product more expensive and that in general lines was not of much use for most of the users. Apple decided to eliminate this Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro but on the contrary adds another of the legendary signs of the company in them, the notch …

Out Touch Bar, hello notch

Touch Bar

We are not here to mess with the design of the notch in the new MacBook Pros but I am still of the opinion that I prefer to lose some screen (what occupies the notch which is nothing) to see that eyebrow there in the middle. It is true that on MacBook Pro it may not be annoying in most cases, I agree, although I still think that a straight bar up and losing some screen would not matter to me.

The notch hides this time a camera that doubles the resolution of previous cameras reaching up to 1080p (finally) and use a lens with a wider aperture that lets in more light. In this sense, Face ID is not used in MacBook Pro either, so I don’t see any point in having that eyebrow in the central part of the screen. Yes, it can be disguised with the dark mode, with black black wallpapers and it does not cover the top menu bar, although this does not mean that it is there.

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