Goodbye, Windows 11: This Windows XP is the system we want now

If we focus on the sector of operating systems for desktop computers, there is no doubt that the undisputed leader offers us Microsoft with its different versions of Windows. This is something that has happened over the last few decades and is not likely to change anytime soon.

Over the years we have come across different versions of this system, some more successful than others. For example, surely many of you fondly remember Windows 7 or XPalthough not so much if we refer to Windows 2000 or Vista. Well, surely most of you know first-hand that at this moment we can use two versions that still receive official support.

Specifically, we refer to Windows 10 and 11, the latter launched just a few months ago and for which those from Redmond have bet heavily. The truth is that in recent weeks this is an operating system that has received more bad reviews than good. With everything and with it, the trickle of users who migrate is constant, although much slower than expected at first. We can also point out that right now there are many people waiting for this year’s big update for the new system and fix some problems.

It is true that the software giant would probably prefer that users use the latest operating system released. But in reality the adoption of Windows 11 has slowed down more than expected. Earlier we talked about the XP version of Windows, software that when it was first released in 2001 revolutionized this market due to its revolutionary design.

This XP concept is what Windows 11 should offer

More than 20 years ago and in that system we found a color scheme that surprised many and is still remembered today. That is why we are going to show you a video below about a concept that could be today the new Windows XP 2022. In fact, a good part of the design implemented in it is what many users miss in the recently shipped Windows 11. This is a concept that comes from the hand of an experienced creator in this type of project, Addy Visuals.

windows xp 2022

Here he has put his creative skills to work to offer us an idea of ​​what a modern version of the aforementioned XP could look like. It must be said that your version of the operating system has the look and color scheme of XP. But what is striking is that all this is mixed with the characteristics of the current Windows 11. Hence the expected rounded corners, or the centered taskbar and Start menu. To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, this is the windows xp 2022 concept who could envy the new operating system:

Some of you may have noticed that this could also be considered a remastered version of the bliss-wallpaperbut lively. There is no doubt that this detail on the desktop gives a spectacular touch to the operating system. At the same time we find an attractive dark mode that we can use here. We also see some nods to the past XP as the well-known game 3D Pinball.

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