GoodWe opens its new offices in Spain

The manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters and energy storage systems, GoodWe, opens new offices in Madrid to respond to a market in continuous growth. With this opening, the company, which has been working in our country since 2018, consolidates its position and its commitment to the European market and, specifically, to the Spanish market.

GoodWe is one of the companies in the sector that is experiencing the most significant growth, with record sales worldwide and, notably, in Spain. A fact that reflects the support and trust we receive from customers, given the quality of our solutions. Undoubtedly, this new headquarters will be the starting point to face the continuous challenges of an increasingly changing market and respond to our growth expectations in Spain.“, it states carlos martinezCountry Manager of Iberia at GoodWe.

The choice of a new headquarters is the result of the company’s journey to date and reflects its foreseeable future growth, which is an important milestone for GoodWe. The company has opted for a space that allows it to respond to its business in an agile, comfortable way and adapted to the needs of its employees, with the aim of becoming, in addition, in ‘destination company’.

In this way, GoodWe is integrated into a sustainable building located in Madrid Havana promenade, in which the names of the rooms are related to renewable energy. In an enclave of shared offices, GoodWe partners with Utopicus as the ideal place to accommodate a team of professionals in continuous growth. A building in line with the new world energy map and marked by strong collaboration, digitization and the need to contribute to greater energy efficiency to achieve a more sustainable future for all, hallmarks of GoodWe’s brand identity and commitment, which seeks to harness smart technology to drive the energy transition.

The fact of occupying a coworking space, characterized by its high level of adaptability and flexibility, reflects the values ​​that define GoodWe today and the continuous transformation that we are experiencing. From now on we are part of a innovative, functional, pleasant building and designed for the best performance of those who make this company possible. Our headquarters is a reflection of who we are, and of what we want to be in the medium and long term, betting for it on excellence and intelligent systems”, explains Carlos Martinez.

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One of GoodWe’s goals is to transform and promote together with its partners and customers a sustainable future for the next generations. To this end, the company has more than 700 qualified employees in research and development (R&D) worldwide, and more than 4,000 total employees, who develop products and solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial segment, where it has a wide trajectory, as well as for large plants (large scale). A manufacturing service for photovoltaic solutions that ranges from the development of inverters in large plants to those of self-consumption facilities in the residential sector.

Inside of philosophy de GoodWe is accompanying the client throughout the process, from the sale to the exploitation with its network of distributors and services, going through the installation of its products and solutions. An example of this is the implementation of GoodWe PLUS+, the European program promoted by the company to train installers and, in this way, accompany its partners and customers during all these phases (sale-installation-commercialization) through its different specialized teams. “We promote this accompaniment because at GoodWe we want to help our partners and customers in their energy transition. Our commitment to them also resides in transmitting our know-how, thus expanding the quality chain from the manufacturer to the end customer, something that is in line with the vocation with which GoodWe was born, which is to have a local presence as broad and close as possible”concludes Carlos Martínez.

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