GoodWe promotes the Portuguese Boidobra plant with 164 inverters and six transformation centers

GoodWe continues to grow considerably. The multinational manufacturer of photovoltaic solutions will provide 164 250K-HT inverters and six transformation centers to the Boidobra solar plantProsolia Energy’s 42MW power facility, located in the municipality of Covilha, Portugal.

GoodWe has signed a agreement to become a supplier of Lantaniaan infrastructure, water and energy company in charge of executing the works for Prosolia.

As David Sánchez, sales director EMEA of utility and large scale, points out: “This project is a great boost for the commitment that GoodWe is making in the Iberian Peninsula, and encourages us to continue working hard in the Portuguese and Spanish markets, where, due to the unique characteristics and advantages in LCOE of our GW250HT inverter, We hope to continue growing with large projects. In addition, it is another example of the good harmony and trust that exists between Prosolia Energy, Lantania and our company”.

For his part, Pedro Pereira da Silva, country manager of Prosolia Energy in Portugal, stated: “This project, together with the other projects for photovoltaic plants and industrial facilities in Portugal and throughout the Iberian Peninsula, reinforce our position in Portugal as an independent company that produces clean energy. When all of them are in operation we will have an installed power of more than 580 MW of photovoltaic energy and in this way we will take a big step forward in our objective of contributing to the change of the current energy model of the country towards a more sustainable one”.

“We are pleased to have GoodWe, a solid and trusted partner, as the supplier of this renewable energy installation in Portugal”underlines the director of renewable energy at Lantania, Rafael Alcón, “a project in which 78,820 solar panels will be installed on 28.5 hectares capable of supplying some 70,000 MWh/year”.

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The Boidobra project was awarded in the 2019 Portuguese auction to Prosolia Energy, in a process with a high participation of all the leading players in the sector. In its development it will invest more than 30 million euros. The independent power producer, Prosolia Energy, in turn, entrusted Lantania with its construction as an EPC contractor.

Technological innovations for higher performance

GoodWe’s unique technological innovations, such as its no derating up to 40 degrees, 12 MPPTs and DC-DC Booster, had a major impact on the decision to choose GoodWe as the best LCOE delivering inverter manufacturer for this project. The non-derating of its inverters allows them to work at maximum power (250kW) with a temperature of up to 40º, while other solutions on the market reduce their performance at lower temperatures.

The 12 GoodWe MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracker) in Boidobra will allow maximum power to be obtained from the solar panels, making them always work at the point of maximum power. By installing an inverter with twelve MPPTs, there will be many trackers that will work to find the optimal power point. In this way, more energy is obtained with the same investment, obtaining, therefore, a greater economic benefit.

In addition, GoodWe offers a efficient service for operation and maintenance, so that when an inverter breaks down, it is replaced by another, instead of repairing it with the consequent delay and lack of availability. In short, there is constant energy production with all available resources.

Quality and reliability

GoodWe has positioned itself in the market as the Most Bankable Inverter Manufacturer of 2021with the highest Altman-Z score of the manufacturers of publicly traded inverters, according to Bloomberg NEF. “Our high bankability index makes us worthy of the trust of large companies in the photovoltaic sector, since they recognize us as a synonym of reliability and return on investment”, indicates Álvaro Zanón, Technical Director EMEA of Utility and Large Scale at GoodWe and head of the project’s technical team.

With more than 35 GW installed in more than 100 countries around the world, GoodWe inverters are among the most popular for both residential, commercial and industrial use as well as for large plants (utility-scale), with a wide range between 0.7kW and 250kW. .

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