goodwill as a strategy to recover the lost nest egg

Cryptocurrency platforms are very tempting targets for hackers, some being smart enough to exploit security holes in these companies. But the latter have developed a weapon to recover funds: good will!

A few days ago, BadgerDAO was the target of a massive hack, a thief who pocketed 2,100 bitcoins and 151 ethereum, or just over $ 119 million. A hell of a loot that the platform would like to recover. In a public message, she wants to speak directly to the hacker: ” You have stolen funds that did not belong to you, but we want to work with you and compensate you for identifying vulnerabilities in our systems “.

Appeal to the good heart of the pirate

BadgerDAO offers the hacker a ” direct line of communication To discuss a peaceful resolution, without involving third parties (in other words, law enforcement). ” Do what’s right for the community », Pleads the service. We do not yet know if he was heard, but this negotiating tactic (which seems hopeless!) Is reminiscent of another.

This summer, it was PolyNetwork that fell victim to a hacker who stole no less than $ 600 million in OxPolygon, Ethereum and BinanceChain. Quite simply the most important breakage ever suffered by the sector! But the company specializing in cryptocurrency transfers had been able to recover this amount by addressing the hacker directly, and showing white paws.

Could the strategy make school? This is what BadgerDAO hopes, which, for the moment, is keeping a low profile. A member of the platform team said to himself ” not very comfortable At the idea of ​​publicly sharing his personal opinion on this hot topic, at least not until the platform has recovered its money. We can hope for it for his customers, but first the pirate will have to play the game!

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