Goodyear Launches Special Tires Optimized For Tesla

Goodyear has just announced the launch on the American market of a new range of tires designed specifically for electric cars and in particular Tesla. In addition to being quiet thanks to proprietary technology, these tires have greater durability thanks to better rolling resistance.

Credit: Goodyear

With the advent of electric mobility, the players in the automotive industry have had to reinvent themselves to imagine and develop components designed specifically for electric vehicles. Indeed, electric cars have different tire requirements, especially because of their weight (they are often heavier than a combustion engine). In addition, promote better autonomy is also an essential aspect of tires on an electric car.

Based on this observation, some manufacturers like Goodyear have decided to review the balance between grip, handling and performance. After unveiling its puncture-proof airless tires, the brand presents ElectricDrive GT ”, a whole new range of tires intended for electric cars, and in particular Tesla:

Products that anticipate consumers’ mobility needs are at the heart of Goodyear’s goal of excellence in innovation. Electric vehicles have a set of very specific requirements in terms of load, torque, noise pollution, range, rolling resistance and overall performance. We are proud to offer cutting-edge technologies to respond to the evolution of the country of electric vehicles ”, describes David Reese, vice president of product development at Goodyear Americas.

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Tires designed for electric cars

As David Reese points out, these new tires differ from a conventional tire in several ways. First, Goodyear engineers focused on minimize tire rolling noise on the road. It must be said that electric cars are extremely quiet, to such an extent that tire friction is much more noticeable.

To erase this defect, Goodyear has equipped the ElectricDrive GT with proprietary SoundComfort technology Who “acts as an integrated sound barrier that helps reduce road noise ”. But that’s not all. The ElectricDrive GT also offers better grip and durability thanks to “an asymmetric tread pattern and a specialized tread compound ”.

According to Goodyear, the ElectricDrive GT range will be launched in the United States as early as 2022, first in size 255 / 45R19 104 W XL. In other words, the tire will indeed be compatible with the Tesla Model Y and Model 3, the best-selling electric cars in the United States.

Source: Electrek

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