Goodyear unveils a 70% recyclable tire

Goodyear is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. But the brand pollutes a lot and wants to change its image.

The automotive world is changing. While manufacturers are often singled out for their lack of development in the electrical sector, which is just beginning to assert itself, there is another important link in the market that is not taken into account at all. by public opinion, and which is nevertheless a very big polluter: these are the tire manufacturers.

Michelin, Dunelop and Goodyear, brands which are part of the automotive sector and which are responsible for more than obvious pollution. Tires are usually thrown away, or burnt, two things the planet does not support very well. In order to reduce this environmental impact as much as possible, the arques work to find the perfect combination.

On the side of the French firm Michelin, the solution would be in profitability and reliability. If the tire is of better quality and therefore more durable, it will be necessary to produce less, which will have a beneficial impact on the planet. As such, the Auvergne company is working on the design of a solid, puncture-proof tire that is very difficult to wear.

Goodyear wants to make “sustainable” tires

For its part, the American competitor Goodyear has decided to take the problem differently. Indeed, the American does not plan to reduce the quantity of tires produced each year. Instead, the firm hopes to produce tires made from recycled materials, giving them a second life.

This commitment, the brand made in 2020, when the issue of tire recycling was becoming more and more important. So, two years later, at CES, Goodyear presented a tire containing no less than 70 durable materials. In detail, this tire contains 13 ingredients, including carbon black. This product is used in the tire industry to harden the latter and extend its service life.

But while it is generally designed by burning petroleum products, Goodyear explains that it used methane, carbon dioxide and vegetable oils to arrive at the production of this new product. According to the brand, this method would have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions during the process.

An eco-friendly tire that will never see the light of day?

Goodyear explains that this tire also uses “rice ash” which is quite abundant and which is usually thrown away by paddy farmers after harvest is complete. This product increases the grip of the tire and thus reduces the fuel consumption of the car. More good news for the planet.

According to Chris Helsel, CTO at Goodyear, this tire is a demonstration of the hard work the brand has put into meeting its targets. Even so, some people are still quite skeptical about Goodyear’s ability to produce this tire on a large scale and sell it to the public at a fair price.

The brand has not made any communication on this subject, presenting the product as a demonstration of its know-how and not as an open door to the future of the automobile.

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