Google announces the end of a YouTube feature you may not even know it had

Sometimes we have so many options and tools on one platform that we don’t even get to know them all. It is possibly what happened to you with the YouTube Stories. And at this point… you shouldn’t waste time discovering it either. It turns out that this feature, available on the video service, is going to say goodbye soon, being removed forever. We tell you when.

YouTube Stories

Stories should not be confused with YouTube Shorts. The latter seem to have caught on quite well on the video platform, being a boost for content channels and offering a very style TikTok in which users stay hooked for a long time, going from one to another.

Nothing to do with the Stories. This feature, clearly based on the famous Instagram Stories, was implemented in the video service 5 years ago, being an option only for the mobile version whose content was deleted every 7 days – a significant difference compared to Instagram, where you have only 24 hours to see a Storie before it is deleted. However, the idea does not seem to have caught on sufficiently. Such is so Google, expert in eliminating everything that is left over -and always causing a stir with it- has announced that it will eliminate the YouTube function shortly, leaving the few users who used it without the possibility of uploading their videos. stories.

EO The Output YouTube

Google thus encourages content creators to focus on the aforementioned Shorts and in the posts that can be published within your Community, since it will be the two ways to create extra content beyond the usual long videos that usually characterize the platform.

end of an era

The elimination has not been immediate but do not think that Google will take a long time to erase it from the map. If it meets its announced date (and there could be little reason why it shouldn’t), YouTube Stories will disappear from your app next month. June, specifically the day 26according to the American media Android Authority.

In other words, you have exactly one month to continue using it (if you used it at all) and prepare to say goodbye forever.

It was nice while it lasted. Or not.

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