Google begins testing AI integration in Gmail and Docs

Surely you will remember, Google announced a couple of weeks ago its plans to integrate multiple AI features into Gmail and Google Docs. The date chosen to make this announcement was not accidental at all, since it was known weeks before that Microsoft was going to do the same two days later, on the 16th, with the integration of Copilot in Microsoft 365. In this way we experience something similar to what happened in early February, when Google decided to announce Bard just a few hours before Microsoft did the same with the new Bing and Edge. (

With the announcement of integrated chatbots in search engines, however, Microsoft entered the public beta phase less than a week after the announcement of the new Bing, in mid-February, while Google has not opened a waiting list for Bard until just a week ago, and has further limited it to US and UK users with English accounts, while the scope of Microsoft’s test is virtually global.

This, as we have already mentioned on more than one occasion, has caused a certain dent in the image of Google, which for the interpretation of many is not capable of keeping up with the pace of innovation of Microsoft (who would have thought it, just a few months ago). ). This, in addition, must be particularly annoying for Google, because if we are honest, it is true and indisputable that The company has been working on advances and services related to artificial intelligence for many years nowto the point that we can consider it one of their specialties.

Google begins testing AI integration in Gmail and Docs

Image: 9to5Google

It seems that this time they have decided that the same thing will not happen again and, according to what we can read in 9to5Google, Google has already entered the public (non-open) beta phase of the AI ​​features of Gmail and Docs. It has not done so, however, through a waiting list in which interested users can sign up. Instead, has chosen to send invitations to consumer, business and education users (over 18 years of age) from United States. Accepting them is optional, of course, and users can also leave the trial program at any time.

The integration of generative AI in Gmail allows you to automatically create any type of content, and users can also have Google take what they have written and edit it to suit their specific needs (shorter or longer, a more formal or close tone, etc.). In addition, as a hallmark, this function will also have the “I’m going to be lucky” mode, an unmistakable house brand.

Similarly, the AI ​​in Google Docs can either create text from scratch based on user input, or edit it (whether created by the AI ​​or the user) to fit what we need. Once the text has been generated, the website will show a menu in which the user can indicate if they like the result, if they don’t like it and want it to start from scratch, or if they want to “refine” it, that is, keep it doing some changes.

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