Google Calendar could allow you to set up special notifications for birthdays

A feature specifically dedicated to birthdays could soon land in Google Calendar. This will allow you to configure special notifications on the chosen date, but also in advance to be sure not to forget it. For now, it is not known if it will be rolled out to the general public.

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There was a time when everyone used Facebook to remember the birthdays of their loved ones. To tell the truth, there was even a time (very long ago) when there were paper calendars where you could note down the fateful date yourself. Now that these two tools are at half mast, we are waiting for another to take their place definitively. And it could be that Google Calendar is a candidate.

At present, it is certainly possible to note the birthday of a loved one on the application, but the thing doesn’t really stand out from other events which can be added. Same story for notifications, which do not allow you to be warned in advance and, in fact, to plan the thing. However, according to a find from user @AssembleDebug on Twitter, that may soon change.

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Google Calendar is working on a feature dedicated to birthdays

Indeed, in version 2023.08.2-511 758 217 of the application, this one was able to activate a flag which triggered the display of a new pop-up. On this one, Google Calendar offers him directly add birthdays. Once the date is indicated, it is possible to type the name of the person concerned as well as to configure several notifications at the desired dates and times.

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For the moment, it seems that this functionality is still under development. Also, it is bound to change between now and its deployment for the general public, if deployment there is. Indeed, Google regularly tests new features, without releasing them into the wild. Also, note that @AssembleDebug has enabled this on Android, so iPhone users may not be eligible for it right away.

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