Google Chrome will save you money this Christmas by taking inspiration from Microsoft Edge

Google’s browser has several small features that will all help you save money. Indeed, Chrome now displays the sites on which the prices are the most interesting for a product, place the latter as a favorite to buy it later or even follow the prices applied over time. Good news for those who are already busy for Christmas.

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If, very often, Edge catches up with Chrome, with which it shares the same core, the opposite sometimes also happens. Google had the good idea to follow the example of its neighbor with a timing that could not have been better: the approach of the Christmas holidays. Indeed, the browser is introducing several new features today, directly inspired by what Microsoft Edge already offers, which will allow its users to save money on their online purchases.

In a blog post, Google presents all the new features that await users. Some also concern all Internet users, even those present on another user. This is the case of a new interface which appears in its search engine when you type “shop deals” (or “good deals”). The latter then displays several products, arranged in various categories ranging from clothing to electronics to toys, all having the common point of being sold at an attractive price.

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Google Chrome wants to help you find the best deals for Christmas

Please note that, Google remaining Google, this functionality will be based on your personal data and your browsing history to offer products likely to interest you. This is not the case for another functionality, which allows you to check the evolution of the price of an object over time. This data appears in a side menu of Chrome when you carry out a search on it, thus allowing you to see the times of the year when its price is the most interesting.

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In the same way, the browser will highlight all the promotions available for the product in question that it has been able to find, thus preventing you from purchasing at a high price on a site when a competitor offers you a better offer. If no promotion has been found, Chrome pulls out its secret card: a new button next to the address bar, which displays the promotional codes available on the visited site. No need to go through a third-party extension for this.

Source : Google

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