Google Chrome won’t let you download anything from this well-known website

Google is constantly looking for new ways to protect users from the countless threats that lurk on the web. To do this, it offers advanced security functions, based on the cloud, that analyze everything we do on the network and allow us to block it before entering a dangerous website or downloading a file that could be harmful. However, these security measures are not always precise, and can often fail and block websites that are actually reliable and very useful, as has just happened today.

Portable Apps is a well-known page to download portable versions of all kinds of programs. Portable programs are those that we can run on the computer without having to install them, which allows us, for example, to easily test software and carry all our programs on a USB stick. In general, these portable programs are created by those responsible for the page, since, in most cases, they do not have official versions of them.

The programs that we can find on this website are all of them legal and 100% free. Also, they do not include any type of adware or anything hidden. Therefore, it is strange to see how Google Chrome has started to block all downloads from this website for no apparent reason. If we go to the web and try to download any program hosted on it, we will come across a warning message, launched by Chrome Safe Browsing, which tells us that the file is dangerous.

Dangerous Download PortableApps Chrome - 1

Even if we try to save the file, under our responsibility, we will be able to see a message that will indicate that the file could have been pirated, and that we better not download it.

Dangerous Download PortableApps Chrome - 2

This only affects downloads made from PortableApps’ own servers. If we download applications hosted on other hostings, such as SourceForge, this does not happen. We have tried to upload one of the supposedly dangerous downloads to VirusTotal, and the result has been negative. Therefore, it is a Google error.

How to download portable programs

When Google takes a hobby to a website, it is difficult to win their friendship again. Those responsible for this portal are doing everything possible to try to solve the problems as soon as possible and allow users to download their programs in complete safety, although, so far, without success.

If we want to download any of the applications that we can find on this web page, we can do it in several ways. If we use Google Chrome, we simply have to accept the warning messages that appear until, finally, the download begins. In case we don’t want to go through Chrome’s Safe Browsing, we can also download these programs without problems from other browsers, such as Edge and even Firefox. None of them is going to give us problems when downloading.

We hope that the problem will be solved soon and that everything will work normally again. In any case, nothing is certain. And it would be a shame if Google ended up killing this excellent website for downloading portable programs.

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