Google Chrome won’t update itself, what can I do

It is true that there are certain developers who are working to try to compete with this Google program, as is the case with Microsoft and its Edge. But the advantage acquired over time by Chrome is such that being able to match its market penetration is quite complicated at the moment. As with the rest of its competitors, one of the secrets of Google Chrome’s success is the lots of features that presents us

These are directly related to both the functionality and the security of the application. Google is already in charge of sending us all this through the almost constant updates you send us on a regular basis. And it is that, just as it happens with operating systems or the rest of the programs installed on the PC, browser updates are key elements. But it can happen that Google Chrome does not update itself, which can become a serious problem over time.

We can skip one or two software updates, something not recommended, but going over that limit can already become a serious problem. security flaw.

How to update Chrome automatically

Initially, this internet browser is able to update itself every time Google sends a new update. In this way we will have the most recent version of the program in the simplest way. Here the only thing we have to take into consideration is that the software may take a few hours after its official launch, so we will have to be patient.

For this that we tell you, we only have to access the main menu of the browser and place ourselves in the menu option Google Chrome Help / Information. Instantly and through the new window that appears, the program will search for the latest released versions and install them by itself.

Fix automatic updates failure

However, on certain occasions it may be the case that, no matter how long we wait, the program does not receive the corresponding updates. Therefore, the new version is not installed that it should. At this point we have a simple solution in order to solve this error.

The best we can do in this regard is to update ourselves and manually the browser of Google. In addition, once we carry out this process and install a new version of the program, this error should no longer be repeated with updates. Therefore, if we notice that we do not receive the new version of the software automatically as it should be, we will download it from the official website of the firm.

To this we must add the fact that, install the new version of chrome manually, the configuration that we have made of the program is not modified at all. This means that all the data stored as our history or favorites will be kept, as well as the changed parameters for ourselves.

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