Google Cloud improves its support for startups and will help companies adopt the Blockchain

Google Cloud it returns to focus on startups again after several years more concerned with expanding its enterprise client base. For it, has announced an offer of financial support quite significant, can reach $100,000 a year, for startups that are in their initial phases and participate in your program Google for Startups Cloud.

In addition, Google’s cloud division will participate in the Google for Startups program to ensure that startup customers get a consistent experience across Google when they want to access mentors, products, programs, and cases that showcase best practices. All companies taking their first steps in the Google for Startups Cloud Program will have access to a specific point of contact during the two years that they participate in the program

This new startup support will cover the first year of using Google Cloud for early-stage businesses. Specifically, those that are immersed in series A financing rounds. That year, their use of Google Cloud will be covered up to $100,000. In year two, startups will have 20% of their Google cloud costs covered, up to an additional $100,000 in credits.

On the other hand, Google Cloud has also launched a working group for business development around applications that use blockchain. The Digital Assets Group, as it has been called, will deal with everything related to decentralized finance (DeFi), as well as other applications that do not need intermediaries, such as banks. Instead, the group will explore and build on working with smart contracts, which become effective when certain conditions are met, on a blockchain.

Google Cloud is already hiring staff with blockchain expertise for this group, which may indicate that this is still a developing area and is in its infancy. In fact, Google would still be assessing what types of blockchain services it can offer directly to the developers. But in general, this area, conceived as a division of Google Cloud, is positioning itself as an area that can help older companies modernize in this space.

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