Google could be replaced by Bing on Samsung devices

The future of the largest search engine in the world seems to be on uncertain ground as a result of the latest news published through the New York Times. The American tabloid has publicized the uncertainty that the Alphabet subsidiary company seems to be going through and that is that Google could stop working with Samsung.

Google, whose main product is the Internet content search engine, You could lose an agreement with the brand that brings you more than 3,000 million dollars a year. In addition to its search engine, Google provides other services and products such as its cloud, YouTube video site, Gmail email, map service with Google Maps, Google Street View and Google Earth.

Samsung plans to incorporate Bing

The news does not seem to have been very well received by the company, which sees how one of its most recent competitors can take away a place that seemed to belong to it. The change or not by the South Korean company, specialized in electronics and technology, seems to It will depend on how Google advances in its news with artificial intelligence that it will present at the next Google I/O 2023the event that Mountain View develops every year for developers.

Although Google has been the most widely used search engine worldwide for a long time, the threat of search engines like Bing seems to be a fact, especially since they have been prepared with GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence.

Samsung now seems to have found in Bing the ideal replacement as the default search engine for its Samsung Galaxy line devices, after more than 12 years offering Google on their smartphones. The news reached Google in March and sources confirm that it caused panic among the members of its Executive Board when they saw the possibility of reducing their income immediately.

The New York Times offers statements suggesting that the world’s best-selling phone company’s new browser will offer “a much more personalized experience than the company’s current service…you’ll be able to answer questions about software coding and write code based on of user demand.

The truth is that although the decision is not yet final, Google seems to already see a real threat in Bing. Since the arrival of Bing Chat in the Microsoft search engine, the browser has reached important figures for the company, thus reaching over 100 million users per day.

Samsung, for its part, has an excellent relationship with Microsoft and several of the services offered by the American software multinational are already pre-installed on Galaxy devices. With this, the arrival of Bing seems to be closer than ever.

Now Samsung will have to assess the way in which it proceeds with the change of search engine, and it is that should give their devices the ability for users to choose between different search engine options, without impositions, as it happens in all Android devices. The ace up his sleeve is that he could make Bing the default search engine in his browser app, Samsung Internet.

Google’s answer

Given the news received in the team of the powerful search engine, it would have decided to take a step forward and in this way accelerate the development of its different initiatives that are focused on competing with the Bing Chat or ChatGPT services. Among these options, Google includes an improved search engine supported by artificial intelligence models, a chatbot integrated in Google Chrome and an image generator available in Google Image Search.

It seems that the key date to know the future of the three companies will be in the next Google I/O 2023, where other novelties may be presented that

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