Google DeepMind will launch its own chatbot, Sparrow

DeepMind, the company created in 2010 by Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman, has reported that it has already working on launching his own chatbot in the style and similarity as OpenAI already did in 2022 with its ChatGPT.

The company, acquired in 2014 by Google and renamed Google DeepMind, has specialists, scientists and engineers and presents itself from its own website as a team working on solving intelligence problems, to advance science and benefit humanity. With Sparrow, the technology giant would have its own chatbot, something that will make it rise in the sector.

the chatbot is able to answer questions and talk as if it were a person. It is defined as an assistant that communicates with users through text messages, being able to become a virtual companion that will advise you for your walk on websites or applications. In short, making our lives easier.

General artificial intelligence, his great ambition

The highest goal set by the company is the creation of a general artificial intelligence (AI), a development that will mark an epoch and that they intend to be comparable to human intelligencewith the ability to think, learn, plan and resolve conflicts.

Artificial intelligence is more present than ever in our daily lives, and little by little it has begun to consolidate itself as an increasingly incredible reality. OpenAI has already demonstrated it and now it is the turn of DeepMind with whom Google is going to take a golden leap in terms of artificial intelligence.

But the company is also studying the dangers that it can entail, and it is that it is not exempt from privacy violations, biases, identity theft or the distribution of false news. DeepMind claims that Sparrow will be limited and conservative in its beginningssomething that did not happen with ChapGPT that from its origins presented its ability to help everyone.

Its co-founder, Demis Hassabis, informs that the launch of his chatbot will present a delay, since they want to ensure they have the important features that ChatGTP lacks. In line with this, Hassabis stated in an interview with Time that “I would advocate not moving fast and breaking things when it comes to very powerful technologies, and obviously the AI ​​will be one of the most powerful in history, we must be careful”.

The English company clarified the rules that limit the behavior on which Sparrow will rely, refusing to answer questions in contexts where it is appropriate to communicate with people. In its first test, this chatbot gave believable answers, but It will not be until the launch of its public beta version when we will see what the capacity of this development really is. of the human being

OpenAI, its main rival

This stance marked by caution and caution contrasts with that of its main rival, OpenAI. The company founded by Elon Musk, developed its ChatGPT as the largest and most advanced in the world but not as decisive as the Google chatbot claims to be.

sparrow He has studied his rival very closely and he knows the need for moral intelligence and the ability to cite sources, something that ChatGPT lacks and that Hassabis’s company potentially values ​​to make a difference. So when we ask you about a question and you are not able to answer, we will know where he got the answer from and if it is reliable or not.

In line with these advances, Musk’s company is also known for the Dall-E generative art model, a development that manages to create realistic images from a simple text description.

DeepMind is the creator of MuZero, able to play without knowing the rules of the game. MuZero learned to play chess, shogi and Go and a total of 57 different Atari games. She is also the author of the algorithm Pythia, which deciphers texts from ancient Greece and which are illegible; and of AlphaGobeing the first time that an artificial intelligence beat a professional Go player.

AlphaFold2 It is another of his creations and commitments to demonstrate his potential, and that is that in 2021 he managed to solve the structures of 350,000 human proteins with this artificial intelligence program.

Google’s chatbot, Sparrow, will be available throughout 2023 in its beta mode. There is still a long way to go and a lot to learn about what will be the great competitor of ChatGPT, but the road has begun.

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