Google Docs: no more notifications for each modification of a document thanks to this system

Google continues to improve the user experience on Google Docs, its word processing software. From now on, users will be able to receive by email a summary of all the modifications made to a document. No more dozens and dozens of notifications.

google docs notifications
Credits: Google

Year after year, Google continues to improve the user experience offered by Google Docs, its word processing software. Since 2018, users can use a grammar checker or a real-time word counter to track their progress.

More recently, the Mountain View firm introduced a new tool that allows you to refine your writing style, by offering, for example, different sentence structures, synonyms to vary the vocabulary used or even more inclusive words, for example. The last novelty dates from May 2022, with the possibility of selecting several text areas to then edit them simultaneously. Convenient for putting several parts in bold in particular.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that can annoy, especially if you are used to using Google Docs in collaborative work. In effect, nothing more annoying than constantly receiving notifications every time one of your colleagues makes a change to one of your documents. Good news, Google has decided to put an end to this problem.

google docs notifications
Credits: Google

Google puts an end to the avalanche of notifications on Docs

This Tuesday, July 19, 2022, Google confirmed in a blog post that it was now possible to receive by email a summary of all the changes made to a specific document within a period of time predefined by you. These emails will detail the modifications made, the date and their author.

By giving you the ability to specify which comments and changes to notify, you can more easily stay on top of what needs your attention the most and track collaboration.” explains Google.

Users can take advantage of this system on Docs in the “Notification settings“. You will find a dialog box with the different options of the notification system, to adjust it according to your needs. Note that it is also possible to take advantage of this feature on Gmail in the new drop-down list “Notification settings“.

Google clarifies that change notifications will be disabled by default and that it will be necessary to activate them for each document. This feature will be rolled out gradually starting July 19, 2022 and will be available to all Google Workspace customers as well as former G Suite Basic and Business customers.

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