Google Docs wants to teach you how to write better

Google Docs is about to deploy a new tool, designed and developed to help users improve their writing style. This feature will, for example, suggest that you adopt a different tone or structure, while synonyms will be suggested in certain situations.

Credits: Google

From year to year, Google has made sure to improve the formula offered by Google Docs, its software for creating and editing text documents. Since 2018, Google Docs has included a grammar checker, for example, in addition to the usual spell checker. In 2019, the Mountain View firm even added a real-time word counter, handy for keeping an eye on your progress.

However, the American company has just announced the arrival of a brand new tool on Google Docs. This time, it is not a question of monitoring and correcting your grammar, your conjugation or your spelling, but rather improve your writing style. Materialized by new underlines in purple, Google will offer different things depending on the situation via this new feature. The user may be invited in particular to:

  • adopt other formulations
  • use active rather than passive voice
  • make sentence structure simpler and more concise
  • use a more inclusive word/language
  • avoid potentially inappropriate, colloquial or offensive/discriminatory words
google docs writing style
Credits: Google

Google launches a new tool to refine your writing style

Of course, the user will be free to accept Google’s suggestions or not, the firm contenting itself with specifying that this tool is only there for “improve your writing style and produce more dynamic, clear, inclusive and concise documents”. note that this tool will be enabled by default and that it will be possible to manage it from the Tools menu.

Be careful though, Google points out that this feature will not be accessible to everyone. Only users of certain paid plans of Google WorkSpace will be able to benefit from it. Specifically, these are the following subscriptions: Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus and Education Plus. In other words, the Starters subscriptions just like the free formulas will not have this novelty. According to Google, this tool will be rolled out gradually between March 31 and April 14, 2022. If you are new to using Google Docs, you can find our top tips for using Google Docs to the fullest here.

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