Google has new surveillance cameras to domotize your home

New home cameras from Google Nest

Among the novelties, one of the products they present is the new Google Nest Cam, a battery-powered surveillance device that ranks as Google’s first battery-powered camera to serve both indoors and outdoors. It has a particularly striking design, since the body of the camera is attached to the base by magnets, being able to orient it to our liking with total ease.

Another novelty is the new smart doorbell, an accessory that is increasingly present in homes and where Google has also wanted to propose its product with the new Google Nest Doorbell. It is an intelligent doorbell with a built-in camera that will take care of calls at the door, thus being able to speak to the people who knock on the door whether or not you are at home.

It has an integrated battery, so you do not necessarily need wiring, unless you want to forget about recharging the device forever, in that case you will have the option of powering the device with cables.

The last device presented is the indoor version of the Google Nest Cam, a simpler model that necessarily requires a cable to function and does not have a magnetized body, since it integrates its own swivel base. At the moment this model is not available in the Google Store, and we will have to wait until it can be reserved.

Very smart cameras

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, Google has introduced new intelligent functions in its cameras, being able to determine surveillance zones, differentiate between people and animals, and the incorporation of machine learning to detect objects and identify important events that occur inside and outside the home. Thus, for example, they will be able to identify when a courier delivers a package, or an animal passes through the surveillance zone (so as not to set off the alarm).

All this data management and processing is done in the camera itself, so the results are immediate and very effective.

If your camera is stolen, Google will send you another

However, this fastening system could make many users doubt, since anyone could easily take the camera. In Google they assure that the thief or will be able to have access to your saved images, and in case of theft, you would only have to report it to the police, and 30 days later contact Google. According to them, they will send you a replacement camera as a courtesy service.

How much they cost?

The official price of these new cameras are the following:

  • Google Nest Cam (with battery): 199.99 euros
  • Google Nest Cam (wired): 99.99 euros
  • Google Nest Doorbell (with battery): 199.99 euros

Both the battery-powered Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell can be pre-ordered today, officially hitting stores starting today. August 24.

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