Google hides a secret that, if you like The Mandalorian, you cannot miss

Obviously, and as happens in many other platforms with these characteristics, the availability of content is one of the main ones. In addition, we are talking about videos in the form of movies, series and documentaries that do not stop renewing, to the delight of customers. Disney+ has been with us for some time now and since its inception it wanted to compete with other more veteran options, and it seems that it is succeeding.

We tell you all this because the video platform has recently released the new season of one of its most successful series. Specifically, we refer to the acclaimed and loved by many, The Mandalorian, from which we can already enjoy its third season. Of course, as you can imagine for all this we will have to have an active subscription to the Disney+ video-on-demand platform.

What’s more, in order to celebrate the arrival of the new season on our computers and televisions, Google has hidden a secret on its search page. We are already used to the fact that the search giant sometimes makes use of certain terms to surprise us in different ways. Now and with the arrival of the aforementioned third season, fans, and not so much, can make use of this trickif only out of curiosity.

Therefore, if you are followers of the aforementioned saga, you may be interested in trying the new hidden secret that Google offers us on its home page.

Have Grogu demonstrate the Force on your PC

So that you get a more approximate idea of ​​what we are telling you, say that the protagonist of it is the one loved by many, Grogu, one of the main characters of the series. Actually, what we are going to find is a curious trick on the search engine page through which the commented character appears and causes chaos on the web. Specifically, he makes use of one of his main virtues, the Force, with just click on your character that appears on the screen.

In order to achieve what we are telling you, at first we only have to do what we tell you below. The first thing is to open your favorite Internet browser in a conventional way and access the Google page. Once here, in the search box that we have on the screen, we type the terms, either The Mandalorian, or Grogu.

In this way, after a few seconds the beloved character will appear in the lower right corner of the browser. This is accompanied by a blue arrow, and now we only have to click on it to see its demonstration of the force. To say that this is a Google trick that we can carry out both on our desktop computer and on mobile devices based on Android or iOS.

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