Google I/O 2023 will start on May 10, what are we waiting for?

As you will surely remember, yesterday we told you that Google had already published its traditional puzzle to advance the date of Google I/O 2023. For years, the search engine company has been posing a collective challenge, inviting people to find out the mechanics of how the itself, since instructions are never given in this regard. And as complicated as it is (although I have read some comments that this year was quite simple), the tradition that in less than 24 hours the secret has already been revealed.

Thus, and as you can already see on the puzzle page, which is also the event page, Google I/O 2023 will start on May 10, Wednesdaytwo months and two days from today, a period in which we will surely see countless rumors about what the company plans to announce in it.

We must remember that Google I/O events are aimed, in theory, at the developer community, but for years Google has also used it to make some very relevant announcements, which makes it the most important event of the year among those held by the company. It is true that this 2023 could be different in this sense, but the chances in this regard are low, so we can count on the search engine company to show a large portion of its arsenal this year during Google I / O 2023.

Yesterday we already made a first approximation of what we hope to see in Google I/O 2023, but now that we know when it will start (although not when it will end, since it can last two or three days), we are going to deepen a little more in this sense, trying to anticipate what we hope will be the most important announcements of the event:

Bard (and more artificial intelligence)

As a general rule, the main protagonists of the Google I/O are the Android version of the year and the Google devices, which will also be present in this edition (as we will see a little later). However, it is likely that the most famous announcement or announcements of this Google I / O 2023 are directly related to artificial intelligence. The most obvious choice in this regard is Bard, which begins private beta testing this March. And since it seems that Google wants to take some time to test it in depth, the two months that separate us from the start of the event seem like a pretty adequate time frame for that purpose.

However, and as we have already commented on more than one occasion, your competitors are gaining quite an advantage in multiple areas (information searches on the Internet, browsers, integration into productivity tools, etc.), so if you want to stand out in this area , they should be much more ambitious and not limit themselves to a chatbot for their browser.

Google I/O 2023 will start on May 10, what are we waiting for?

Android 14

Google released, a few weeks ago, the first beta of Android 14, in a version aimed at developers. This fits perfectly into the usual schedule of the versions of the operating system for Google devices, and therefore is one more sign that we will know a good part of its novelties during Google I/O 2023. At the moment, we do not know much about this future iteration of the OS, but it is quite likely that more data about it has already been leaked before arriving at the event.

Google Pixel 8

Nor will people be surprised when the company presents its next generation of Google Pixel smartphones, that is, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Of these, during the last few months we have heard some rumors that point to a significantly smaller screen on the Pixel. 8 than that of the Pixel 7, an important qualitative leap with the Tensor 3 SoC, 12 gigabytes of RAM, improvements in autonomy thanks to greater efficiency… come on, all the rumors point to an important qualitative leap in this generational change, which could place them more strongly in the high-end segment. We will see, yes, if the rumors that suggest that there would be no price increase with respect to the Pixel 7 are also confirmed, something that, given the supposed improvements, seems somewhat complicated.

Google I/O 2023 will start on May 10, what are we waiting for?

Google PixelTablet

2023 could be the year in which Google once again has its own tablet, a market that it already addressed in 2015 with its Pixel C, but in which it has not been present since 2020. In recent months there have been quite a few rumors, such as that It could be the first 64-bit only Android device, which due to its technical specifications aims to compete against the iPad, and everything could be practically ready for launch. Let’s remember that the company already advanced it at its event last year, so it makes a lot of sense to expect its debut to take place at this Google I/O 2023.

Google I/O 2023 will start on May 10, what are we waiting for?

Google Pixel Fold

A rumor that, due to age, already has a tradition, is that of a folding Pixel, in the style of the Galaxy Z Fold. Over time we have also seen (remember, based on rumors and unofficial information) how the project was activated, cancelled, activated again… come on, it has been a real roller coaster. Last November some renders of its possible design appeared and, if confirmed, the proposal will be most tempting. We will see if, finally, it is confirmed in this Google I / O 2023.

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