Google improves Bluetooth headset pairing

In a few years the quality of wireless bluetooth headphones has improved exponentially. I still remember the first ones I tried, a few years ago, and when comparing that sound with what we can enjoy today, I am still amazed at how well this technology has evolved. To the point that at the time I didn’t even consider using Bluetooth headphones, and yet today I do so with some frequency.

In this regard, Apple’s contribution with its AirPods is indisputable, headphones that, adding their sound quality and the functions of their integration with the company’s device ecosystem, are a benchmark for many other manufacturers. And it is that, as in many cases, quality is only part of the equation, the added value posed by the additional functions is, in many cases, what makes one option weigh more than another on the scale.

In the case of Bluetooth headsets, Apple took a very smart step by making it possible to quickly switch between two different sound sources.. So if, for example, you’re watching a video on your iPad and a call comes in on your iPhone, you can immediately and automatically switch from tablet to phone, rather than having to go into the iPhone’s settings menu and have It connects to the headphones, something complicated when a call is coming in.

The good news is that Google has taken note and, as we can read in IThome (in Chinese), it already has a similar technology ready, which will allow immediate and automatic switching between audio sources when neededbased on a pre-established system of priorities.

At this point it is important to clarify that the priority system will allow the sound source of the headphones to be automatically switched when a call comes in, but not with the notifications that we receive on the phone. It will be interesting to check, however, if Google’s solution allows you to manually adjust that order of priorities And, if so, with what level of customization (for example, if it allows you to choose whether the notifications of certain apps or the system do switch the audio automatically).

In its first phase, Google is rolling out seamless audio switching technology for Pixel Buds Pro headphonesand it is expected that it will also reach the headphones of Sony and JBL in the coming weeks. If this technology soon spreads to headphones from more manufacturers, it will certainly be excellent news for Android users.

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