Google improves its search engine by adding continuous scrolling

Google brings an interesting improvement on its search engine for browsers. From now on, it is possible to “scroll” continuously on the first page, a bit like social networks. The additional pages do not disappear, but will become more discreet.

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Google continues to improve its services bit by bit and today it is its desktop search engine that is concerned. Additional pages during a request will now be more discreet and navigation will be smoother.

The engine will indeed benefit from a new feature, “continuous scrolling”, or continuous scrolling. Concretely, this means that if you type a query into Google, you can scroll down the page to find infinitely more information.

Google introduces continuous scrolling

By continuing to scroll, the user will be able to see the equivalent of four pages before arriving at the bottom of the one he consults. If he wants to know more, he just has to click on the button See more for additional results. A disguised second page, but which fits into the logic of an infinite thread.

It’s a novelty that doesn’t drastically change the user experience, let’s face it, but which makes navigation more fluid. It is inspired by social networks, such as Tik Tok, Twitter or Instagram, which also offer an infinite thread. It is not new at Google, since the mobile version of the engine has already been offering the same thing since last October.

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For now, this new feature is reserved for only a very small number of people. Google did not give more information on its deployment, which could very well happen in the coming days or in several months. In any case, this is a sign of the Mountain View firm’s desire to harmonize uses on both mobile and desktop.

Google has a habit of improving its software and sites in small steps, adjusting details to improve the overall experience. For example, the Messages application welcomed some very nice new features a few days ago, the same thing for the Pixel 7, which now has an integrated VPN and clearer calls in terms of sound. A strategy that is paying off.

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