Google is for much more than searching the Internet: 25 uses that you would not have imagined

Any information we seek, we will find on Google. This search engine not only offers us links with access to the information we are looking for, but also directly offers us the result we are looking for, without having to access any website.

Next, we show you some of the best functions that the search engine includes and that will allow us to save a lot of time when doing searches, however simple or complex they may be. We can enjoy all these functions both from any computer browser and from mobile devices.

  • Book flights and trains. To know all the flights available from a specific airport, along with the scales and the duration of this, we just have to enter in Google Flights from X to Y. We will also find the information on the trains in Google using the text Trains from X to Y. If we have the location activated in our browser, it will only be necessary to write “Trains or flights to X”.

google flights

  • Flight schedules. If we have to pick someone up from the airport or take them, if we can’t remember the schedule and if we simply want to know if they are delayed in some way, we just have to enter the name of the company that manages it together with the flight number in the search engine .
  • distances between places. Another interesting function related to travel is found in the possibility of knowing the distance in km between two points without accessing Google Maps. In addition, it allows us to know the distance and time by car, train, on foot or by bike.
  • weather information. To know the weather in a certain city, we just have to write weather today in X to access current and future information.
  • Find where to sleep. If we introduce the term X accommodationa box will be displayed where we must enter the date of entry and exit to access a list of available hotels.

google hosting

  • Translator. If we want to know how to say any word in another language, we just have to write followed by the language.
  • conversions. Another especially useful function when buying in other currencies or when we are traveling is the Google currency conversion calculator that we can access by typing x euros in dollars. If we want to convert between units of measurement or weight we must write x inches in cm or x tons in grams.
  • time zones. We can also use Google to find out what the time is in a certain country based on our location: 10 PM in the United States Spain time
  • Calculator. Introducing the term calculatora scientific calculator will be displayed.

google calculator

  • Stopwatch, timer and countdown. It is not necessary to look for the Clock application on our mobile when we want to time the time, we just have to enter the word chronometer in the search engine To establish a countdown we must use these same terms together with time just like to use the function a timer.
  • measure connection speed. If we have problems with the internet connection and we want to rule out this problem, we just have to write in the search engine speed test.
  • Heads or tails. By entering these terms, Google will flip a coin where the only possible results are heads or tails.

Google - Heads or Tails

  • roll a dice. Similar to the previous one, when entering these terms, Google will show us various types of dice with different number of faces and will roll it to show a number.
  • Cinema listings. Knowing in which cinema any movie is being shown is as simple as typing its name in the search engine.
  • sports results. To find out what the result of a football, basketball, tennis or any other match has been, we must write the word resultsfollowed by the teams that have faced each other.
  • play pac man. Using the search box the term pac manthe search engine will allow us to enjoy this classic with the mouse or using the keyboard.

Google Pacm

  • Age and height of a famous person. Knowing the age and height of a famous person is as simple as typing it into Google with age of X or height of X.

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