Google Labs VP and Bret Taylor, former CEO of Salesforce, create an AI startup

He Vice President of Google Labs, Clay Bavoris going to leave the company after 18 years, with the aim of open a startup that will have Artificial Intelligence applied to the needs of companies as its center. But you will not do it alone, since you will have a well-known travel companion in the world of business technology: Bret Taylorwho until just a few days ago was one of the CEOs of Salesforce.

Bavor has confirmed the news through a post on his LinkedIn profile, in which he highlights that Bret Taylor and he share “an obsession with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence«, and who are looking forward to opening a new startup «to apply Artificial Intelligence to solve some of the most important problems in the business world«. Taylor has also communicated the opening of the new company through his LinkedIn, but without offering many more details about it. Apparently, until he begins his journey there will be no more news about his activity.

The until now director of Google has indicated that they will open the company next March. For now, he is going to take care of leaving everything ready in Google Labs for when he stops working for the technology company, in a few days. Prior to his current position, Bavor has spent his time leading Google’s virtual and augmented reality areas and projects, as well as Google Lens and Project Starline.

Previously, he was responsible for the product and design teams of Gmail, Google Docs and Google Apps for Business, in addition to doing the same with their advertising areas and with the Google search engine.

As to Bret Taylor, left his post as one of the top managers of Salesforce last January 31, leaving Marc Benioff alone as CEO of the company. Taylor also worked for a few years at Google and Facebook, joining Salesforce after the company bought his latest startup, Quip.

Since then, he has risen rapidly in the organization chart of the company. In 2019 they named him COO, and in 2021, co-CEO. He has known Bayor since both of their early days at Google, and it seems that their relationship has been quite close over the years, despite the fact that Taylor left Google many years ago.

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